The Defiler Project: Week 1

Sorry about missing my Friday update, but IRL has actually been pretty crazy.  Next weekend will be also, so if it’s going to be on Friday it will be in the morning on Friday 😉

For the 1st week, I focused on getting my AA up.  I read the Defiler forums both at the SOE site and at EQ2Flames for “dps builds” in order to make soloing a little less painful, and they all needed quite a few more AA points than I had when I began.  Interestingly enough, they suggest the Shaman AGI melee line, saying it gives more dps output than the INT line and its 10% base spell damage increase.  The TSO tab doesn’t give dps until the 3rd line either, so it’s kinda pointless to use for dps builds until 120+ AA’s, and the general and priest lines aren’t really useful for soloing either, so it’s largely a focus on the spell damage increasing line in the Defiler tab and the AGI line in the Shaman tab for now.

I set my AA slider to 90%, did some chronomentoring and cleared some of the lower level dungeons’ named mobs that I hadn’t killed for AA before, and I also will admit to having spent a rather large sum of plat buying collections.  I actually only played 3x this week due to other IRL commitments, and also getting distracted by finding a DOS emulator that allowed me to play Master of Orion 2 again.  Egad what a clickfest that game it.  It’s still kinda compelling, but when you really get down to it, there’s just not a lot there.  And yet it’s still got that “1 more turn” addictiveness to it.  Go figure.

Anyway, I went from 52 AA to 65 AA, and also from about 59.10 to 59.88 on the xp meter.  Kinda scary to think I’d have gained about 5-6 levels from what I did if I’d had the slider set to max xp instead.  I’m currently working the new quests in Tenebrous Tangle.  I’ve not done them before, and they’re worth about 25% of an AA on completion.  Even the old repeatables are giving about 4% and are worth doing as a result.  I also have the legendary boots from their new armor quest line, but won’t be able to equip them until 60.  I’m not sure if I actually want to wear them other than as appearance items, though.  My level 52 Mastercrafted stuff has better stats.  The MC stuff has lower mitigation, but that doesn’t mean much to me as a healer, especially since with my mit buffs I am over 50% mit anyway.  We’ll see as I get farther along on the quest line and get more pieces.

As it is, this next week I’ll be setting my AA slider to a mere 10% and seeing what kind of leveling I can do.

And for some commentary on defiler soloing — yeah, it’s slow relative to a dps class, but I can still kill level appropriate solo mobs in 20-30 seconds, and I can easily take down yellow ^ named, though admittedly I’ll be recasting my 36 second duration debuffs on them more than once in the course of a fight.  Since I began playing the game launch day and can recall when any fight took at least 30 seconds, I find it a little odd that a class that still takes that long for a kill is now considered to be slow.  But, in reading the forums about dps at end game and also what people have said in level chat… there’s hope, methinks.  If I can get the 3-4K dps that was said to be relatively easy to attain at 90, soloing shouldn’t be bad at all then.  I know from my coercer that the solo mobs in Stonebrunt Highlands have 30K hitpoints, so that’s only a 10 second fight if I can get 3K dps.  I don’t think that will be bad at all.  Though again… we’ll see.

No new screenies.  I didn’t feel compelled to take any, and probably won’t until I have the full T7 legendary quest line completed.  I’ll at least wear it for appearance, methinks, so y’all will get the screenie of the new look once I complete it.


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