Android Gaming: Everlands

Fresh to Android from a small developer in the UK is Everlands, a game I picked up last week and have been having alot of fun with. It’s also available for iphone and I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

The game is a tile laying strategy game with a very neat backstory. Your peaceful animal world is disturbed one day by angry bees, who upon further investigation picked up pollen from sick lotus flowers floating on a contaminated lake. Something is rotten in the Everlands, and it’s driving animals to rage and fight. You control a group of friendly animals trying to save your friends and find the cause of the black rage.

You do this by placing your animals on a hex grid. Each animal has a health and attack value, and can attack in directions indicated by arrows on its tile. When you place an animal, the adjacent animals get a chance to attack defensively and then your animal attacks. When an animals health is depleted, it flips to the opposite side (yours or the enemy) and is restored to full health. Each type of animal has a special ability too, from bees that ‘swarm’ and allow you to place two bees in one turn to the frog who can heal adjacent animals to full health. You win a match by having more animals on your side than the enemy when all hexes are filled.

The game seems simple but like any strategy game becomes complex as new units are added and new win conditions are set. In one mission you must not only end with more animals you must also capture a Hippo placed in the center of the board who is ‘thick-skinned’ and reduces damage taken by 1. Others introduce non animal enemies that make things even more challenging for the player. It is a game I’ve spent several hours with, and for the low cost of only $2.26 (at the exchange rate I paid) it was well worth the purchase. Watch the You Tube trailer for the game, check out the trial version and I think you’ll be hooked like I was. 🙂

Happy gaming everyone!

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