The Defiler Project: Week 2


Week 1

Yeah, I said I’d do this on Fridays, but tomorrow morning I go out of town, so it happens today instead.

Progress is steady.  I’m now level 66 with 81 AA’s, and I even leveled my crafting to 10 in order to be able to make the Stein of Moggok.  Yes, I know I only need 9, but then I talked to the trainer and got level 10 for free. 😛  What you may find surprising is that I did this with my AA slider set at 25 or 33% at all times, and yet I still leveled this quickly.  Yes, I know it’s not Stargrace’s triple-boxed grindfest fast, but for what is arguably the lowest dps class in the game soloing for a couple of hours and not even every day?  I think it’s pretty quick, all things considered.

The thing is, though — I want more AA’s.  And while I’ve completed the “Cloud Mount” quest line in KOS and thus have some nice armor to wear that requires level 67, well… frankly the armor looks nice, but I also rather like my scale mail that looks almost like the level 20 class armor, and when you come down to it my level 52 MC armor has better stats other than mitigation, so I really don’t see this armor as a true upgrade.  Add in that my initial plan was simply to get to level 65 for the Defile spell and then level lock for AA, and my current 66 is actually a bit beyond that.  I did upgrade my weapons at level 62 to a 2H MC spear and a 2H MC mace in order to make my combat dps go up a little bit.  Both add 75 WIS, vs the 26 I was getting from my 2 prior pieces, so it’s actually a slight boost to spell dps as well.

Still and all, I set my slider to 100% and chronomentored down and have been doing Darklight Wood.  The nice thing about doing the lowbie areas is that I can transmute all the quest rewards without needing to spend ungodly amounts of plat on the low level treasured items.  I can currently transmute items up to level 15 now, so as you can imagine, there’s been quite a bit to transmute.  Where I’m currently at I’ve been set to level 15, but the areas I’m heading into are having orange and red mobs now.  I can still take them out,  but it’s slow and annoying to do so now, so I’m thinking I’ll head to Timorous Deep and hit up their level 10-16 quests, then set myself at 20 and finish both zones.  My current goal is to get to 120 AA’s and then level up to 70.  Between 70 and 80 I’ll shoot for 180-200 AA’s, and we’ll see how it all goes.  I will admit to sliding back to a 90 AA /10 adventure split, though.  I don’t like the idea of truly locking my level for some reason.

I’ve re-spec’d my AA’s as well.  The prior spec was “the dog spec” and going down the STR line.  It’s nice in that I got a permanent 20% haste buff while my dog is out, and it procs a smallish ward a lot of the time, making me need to cast my own wards less and thus saving power, but… power’s not really a problem and I can cast my own wards just fine, thank you, so…. I looked over all the AA specs on Sony’s and the Flames forums and decided to go with the AGI spec instead.  Yeah, I’m a caster, not a melee, but with the 17% crit chance I now have (vs 1%) and the Tribal Rage proc being up nearly all the time, I’m definitely killing things faster with my auto-attack plus spells, whether mentored or level-appropriate.  I do have 1 point in the dog line for its “Leg Bleed” dot, and a point in the INT line for the Rabies dot to help out as well.  It’s still slow comparatively, but it’s still not as bad as I think a lot of people make it out to be either.

On to the next week!

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