Still Playing! (Despite Lack of Posts)

Headed to Jita

It’s been a little while since I posted about my adventures in EVE, but that doesn’t mean I’m not playing. What exactly have I been working on? Well, I decided to close down my second account for now. This had nothing to do with the game, but simply because I wanted to cut down subscription fees, and while I felt as though I was getting $15 worth of game play out of EVE monthly, I couldn’t really justify $30. I moved the ‘important’ things over to my main account, and let the hauler lapse. Sure, I’ll miss it. I’ll also make due. In the mean time my main account has been working on getting her refining skills up to par. Tomorrow finishes refinery efficiency IV and then I can work on the skill books for those rare ores I’ve obtained. Since I’m without my hauler account which also happened to be my ‘main’ dps account, I’m going to train towards flying a helio as well as a dominix on the main account. I loved both of those ships, and it’s worth the time. I’ll also have to train some better guns, and other things to equip my ships. Long term I DO plan on heading back into some wurmholes for further exploration, but until I can at least fly some sort of scouting ship I won’t be risking it.

Then there’s the invention and manufacturing side of things. That is going fantastic. Kasul and I have found a little niche market that grants a hefty profit. He works on creating copies of our blueprints, and uses PI to create some of the components we need for manufacturing the final product. I turn those blueprints into Tech II via invention, and then mass produce them. Giving them back to Kasul he sells them, either to buy orders that are outstanding, or sets them up on the market himself. Since we’re making components ourselves with PI, it reduces the cost by a good amount. We should be able to purchase any extra ships we want for wurmhole exploration through this business transaction, and I’m excited about it.

I still have some other Tech II blueprints to sell in Jita, so I’ll be making the run out that way later today. I would have last night but it’s quite a few jumps (15 at least, last count) and I was starting to feel tired so I called it a night.

Hulkageddon is done for the summer, with a stronger result then the previous years (of course). I kept my mining barge safe and sound inside of our headquarters and had no issues. Now that it’s completed it’s safe(R) to be out there mining. As safe as it ever is in the world of EVE.

That’s about it for me, for now. What has everyone else been up to in EVE? Did Hulkageddon affect you at all? Manage to escape unscathed? Let me know in comments!

Fly safe.

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  1. For my EVE stuff this summer I’ve liquidated my ships and fittings that I’ve had cluttering up my hangar. Other than that it’s mostly been letting my skills burn. I have my kids here with me for the summer and have been focusing on EQ2 lately, not so much EVE. Summer makes for a great time to set those longer skills and let them train up as a result. YMMV, of course.

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