The Defiler Project: Week 3


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Week 2

And here we are at week 3.  I actually don’t have a whole lot to report this week — it’s been a busy one IRL, and I’ve also been playing a bit more of EVE Online this week.

Still, I’m up to 86 AA’s now, and yeah, I’ve respec’d yet again.  I’m not so worried about the suggested specs from the EQ2 and EQ2Flames forums right now.  They seem focused more on either survivability or on making yourself better in a group that is power-leveling you..  So I have gone my own way in an effort to gain maximum personal dps for leveling/AA grinding for now.

I did duo the Nest of the Great Egg with a Dirge.  That felt like it should have been harder, but we simply breezed through it.  Even though the final boss took a while to kill it, there was never any danger of dying.  Neither of us went out of green health fighting him, though we did need to evac at one point where the dirge pulled a complete room (doable) and a named as well (made it not doable).  I’d set my slider to 50/50 for that run and gained a full AA and just under 50% of a level.  Almost makes me want to run to the Acadechism to finish out level 67 so I can wear my full Relic Appearance set.

Overall though, I’m still set at 90/10 toward AA and working the low level zones.  I’ve completed Darklight Wood and am at the Mok Rent stage of Timorous Deep now.

And oh yeah… I have done the Tinkerfest world event quests too.  Some nice appearance weapons there, and I even went to a 6 Tinkering skill when I built the battlebot.  Overall a fun series of quests, and the AA from them was very nice to boot.

So the current tally is:  3 weeks of working on it, 7 levels, 27 AA’s, and a whole lotta fun.  I think it’s all in your attitude.  The defiler’s combat may be a little slow, but it’s part of the game, and I’m making character progress at (I feel) a decent rate.  TBH, I could probably already be at least level 80 by now if I wanted, but leveling isn’t my complete focus right now.

And there you have it for this week.  Next week might be a bit light — I’ve joined a nullsec corp in EVE and I’ll be spending more time in that game learning the new area of space, setting up my overview better for the expected pvp, getting the intel channels, setting the proper blue standings, etc.  Still, I think I’ll at least shoot for level 67 so I can make a nice screenshot of the character’s new look.

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