Headed for Null . . . . . Security Space, That Is.

I’ve been quite bored with solo hisec mission running in EVE for quite a while, but IRL stuff always conspired to make me feel like I didn’t have enough time to devote to a nullsec corp.  That will be changing next week, though, so I finally made the plunge and applied to a corp out in the “capsuleer controlled space.”

The trip out wasn’t too bad.  The jump bridge network makes the actual travel through null go quickly, and I only actually saw someone else in the camped system that leads into null itself, and then again once I got to my corp and alliance’s home system.  I’d liquidated most of my assets prior to heading out there, figuring it would be easier to just buy what I need when I get there, especially since the recruiter I talked to said that I “should” be able to find just about anything I want.  He’s right, more or less, so long as I’m not looking for frigate sized guns and ammo. . . . . .

Even with that minor difficulty, I’ve still got a couple of tacklers and a BC for ratting in my hangar now.  As time goes by and the corp figures out how best to use my skills, I’m assuming I’ll spend more time in logistics and HIC’s.  The pvp director was pretty excited to find I could fly those for both armor and shield races.

I’m still new to the area, so I haven’t really figured out which systems are where yet, other than having seen them on the map and traveled through a couple on my way in to the home base.  That will come with time, I’m sure.  And for me, since I’d never actually been to nullsec before, seeing the jump bridges and a couple of capital ships and even a “smuggler” jumpgate for the 1st time was really fun!

Frankly, I didn’t think 0.0 felt “scary” at all.  So far, anyway.  I’m sure it will get much more interesting as I get me feet wetter.

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  1. Lucky. My first time to 0.0 ended in about 1-2 seconds. Was dead before I could even react.

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