A Bigger Piece of the PI

A piece of PI

Refinery Efficiency V is working its way through the 14 day wait I have on it, and in the mean time (with some help from Kasul) I’ve been learning to make better use of PI. I learned a few new things, like you don’t have to link everything to a command center directly, you can route it via links. This saves on a lot of power. I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to EVE, and some times the very basic solutions don’t seem to come to me right away. Learning this one step of PI was like suddenly discovering a new ship in my hangar. In other words it was very nice.

Since I have PI trained up to IV right now, I purchased a bunch of advanced command centers (I can place up to five) and using a plan that Kasul worked out, created a brand new station. First I decommissioned my old ones. I went from having 7 buildings per planet to having 21. Quite the jump. Things are running far more efficiently now though, and I’m quite pleased. What exactly am I creating with PI? Well. I’m not going to give out too many details because that’s part of the fun, discovering what to build. I’m actually creating two items, one is to sell because the market is incredibly high for it at the moment, and the second item I am using in manufacturing.

The profits are great. With one run of my PI plants I’ve paid off the 2 million or so ISK it cost to build them. Another run will pay off the cost of the command centers. Everything after that will be profit. PI is a long-term money-maker. It’s not a get rich quick scheme and it’s not as profitable as running missions – but it IS something you can do while off-line, much like training skills. Of course you do have to log in occasionally to set your extractors or else you’ll have no materials to process, but aside from that once you’ve got your PI stations set up it’s good to go. You don’t even have to visit the planet you’ve got things set up on once it’s running as you can tell by my screen shot above. My planets are a good number of jumps away from my location, on a run back from Jita. I make the 15 jump trip once a week in order to sell the manufactured bits that Kasul and I have been producing.

Whether or not PI production will always be this profitable I’m not sure. On one hand I’d like to say yes. You do need to check it frequently, and it can be a hassle to create the products. I think there are far more players who are interested in simply playing the game (pvp, missions, etc) then there are who would rather deal with PI. On that same note, perhaps the demand for PI created products will decline over time. Another one of the things I simply love about EVE, the market is constantly fluctuating.

I’ve only got one command center set up right now, but now that I’ve finally gotten the hang of things I intend to place my four others some time today. As soon as refinery efficiency V is done and I’ve got the ability to refine some of the nullsec ore I’ve been collecting, I intend on getting back to training to fly a dominix. I’m starting to miss my second account already, and have been debating whether or not I want to reactivate it. I suppose we’ll just have to see.

Fly safe!

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  1. tip: shorten those links to the factories! you can place them right next to other things.

    Also, instead of having two REALLY LONG links to the larger group of extractors, use a single one and upgrade it, this costs far less resources and doubles the amount of transfer it can handle as if it were two links all the same.

    if you did all that, you could possibly have an extra extractor! 😀

  2. How ironic. I was just gonna post on PI myself since my knew corp has given me a PI building assignment and it’s been rather interesting learning even more ins and outs of it, especially what it takes to keep a P4 factory going non-stop.

  3. Unfortunately Helicity one long link doesn’t work. Extractors (and adv processors) have a hidden stat that restricts them from having lots of routes passing through them. Try it and see.

    I honestly prefer the spread out processors, makes everything easier to see. You can’t save enough power to place another building anyway so it doesn’t matter.

  4. @Kasul — I have on occasion received an error stating “too many links” on a submit, but then on a 2nd submit attempt it goes through anyway. I have also gotten an error stating one can’t create more than 30 links at a time without submitting, but that’s easily solved by submitting at 30, then doing the rest.

    I wonder if the routing error comes from more than 30 routes being made simultaneously?

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