My 1st Nullsec PVP

Since I don’t count getting popped trying to run a gatecamp last week as pvp since I didn’t target or shoot at anyone. . . . .

My 1st official Alliance Op was completed more or less successfully.  I was in my Devoter, since the FC asked if anyone could fly HIC.  Between me and a Phobos we had a pretty large coverage area with our bubbles.   They asked for my Devoter instead of my Onyx becuz they thought we’d have armor logistics, but we ended up not having any at all.  Turned out to not matter, though.

As it was, I learned a bunch of things, like how to set up my overview to only show hostile targets, strategies for decloaking a sneaky type, and the amazing importance of having eyes on the next system over.

The op was to break up a known gate camp over in Syndicate region, with a secondary objective of camping a system if/when we pushed that camp out.  They saw us coming, it would seem, as the system was clear when we got there, in spite of having been camped for 7 hours or so before we got there.  The system was another of those “choke points” with a gate going directly from hisec to null.  It had surprisingly low traffic.  In the 90 minutes we camped it we only had about 6 ships come through.  Sadly most of them were fast frigs with cloaks, blockade runners, or travel-fit T3’s that were immune to bubbles.  We had a cloaked scout sitting off the gate in hisec telling us when ships were jumping through, so we had an okay-ish shot at getting some of them, but it was a huge gate, so even with 2 bubbles up from the HICs it was hard to catch them, and quite honestly we didn’t catch any.  We’d shot at a few at gates on our trip there, but the only kill was a frig that popped before I could even finish target locking it so I wasn’t on the killmail.  I did have damage on a Proteus, but it was only at about half armor by the time it had burned back to the gate and jumped through to escape us.

Finally, though, as we were getting ready to call it a night, the scout called in a nice juicy target — Dominix on gate and jumping through.  We were very ready for it and had a pretty high dps fleet, so it melted within seconds of becoming visible.

Just as it finished going down, the scout started calling bunches of targets.  The camp-breaking fleet had arrived.  They came in a little piecemeal, and tbh I think we could have had a good chance at killing a lot of them right as they came through, but since we didn’t know their exact numbers, the FC called for us to approach gate and jump through to hisec and “safety” instead.  We did lose a couple of ships that had strayed too far off the gate and/or still had aggression timers that wouldn’t allow them to jump.  And then we headed home.  Didn’t use the JB network since we hoped to catch something on a gate on our route, but the trip back was clear the whole way.

We were only a jump or 2 away from an alliance’s home base, so we weren’t surprised that a fleet came in to push us out.  Between the size of the fleet that was there and the fact that their bait ship was fit for massive active tank and had a cyno, we think they intended to drop capital ships on us too, but fortunately we killed the Domi before it could light the cyno.  As it was, the fleet that came through ended up being large enough to take us down in a straight-up fight, so it was probably for the best that the FC jumped us out, and thus it was wonderful that we’d had the scout in that system to warn us to GTFO.

Other kills the fleet got that I wasn’t on the KM’s for:

A blue Caracal that fired on us for some stupid reason, so we shot back.  We podded him too for good measure.

And a Kestrel we caught on the way in.  We got his pod also.

As you can see, not a kill-intensive op, but a good learning experience for the pvp noobs like me (and I wasn’t the only one).  I wish we’d gotten that Proteus, though.  That would have been really nice.  Ah well.

Forming up at a POS before heading out:

Isn’t this a fun system name?

Talking about a dog?  Or cursing at Sue?

And a nice looking gate on the way back.  I didn’t think to take screenies during the actual fighting.  Perhaps next time.

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