The Defiler Project: Week 4


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

With my renewed focus on EVE, I’m calling the Defiler Project to an end.  I did play a little this week on her, but not enough to even get a single AA point with a 90% rating on the slider.  I enjoyed my time in the game, and in the future will most definitely continue playing the defiler as I’ve discovered much fun in it.  I will now officially tell anyone who asks that defilers aren’t the highest dps, but their soloing isn’t “painful” either, and if that’s what they want to play then they should definitely go for it.

I haven’t gotten any comments on the “Project” posts, so I don’t know if anyone’s thought anything of them, but I certainly hope that if you’ve read them that they’ve been decent reading.  Happy gaming in Shattered Norrath or New Eden or wherever you play!

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