My 1st Large Nullsec Fleet

Today the NC had a “mandatory” (it’s a game, it’s not really mandatory — sheesh) Call to Arms for all member alliances.  One alliance had come under siege in its home system and needed some Sovereignty Blockade Units destroyed after the red fleet was destroyed or chased off.  So here we are forming up the fleet so as to be able to head off to help them.

We got to use the nice titan bridge to a cyno a few jumps out from the system.  Titans are definitely massively huge ships.  I’ve seen the NPC Leviathan at Caldari Prime in Luminaire before, but it doesn’t move or do anything.  This one cyno’d in, got behind the POS shield and then opened the bridge for us.  Nice way to travel!

Even with the Jump Bridge network and the titan bridge, we still had some gate hopping to do.  When you get a fleet warp it puts y’all in a nice sphere formation.  I liked the look of it, so here’s your screenie 😉

This good advice to the left here was said while I was waiting for the grid to load after jumping in to the target system.  797 in system and our fleet wasn’t even 1/3 of that.  Lag was horrific.  Even jumping through gate or via the bridges could take 2-3 minutes when it was “just” our fleet.  Popping it up to almost 800 in a single system was. . .well.  Modules took anywhere up to 4 minutes to activate, and if you had it set to auto-repeat then good luck turning it back off.

Still, we had a good FC and with his target calling and our logistics squad, we got 97 kills and no losses in the engagement.  I even managed to fire a whole 9 times in the fight and made it on to 6 killmails, though I never got a final blow so I didn’t actually receive the mail, just got listed as an involved party.  Still… I have 3 HAC’s and 3 T3 cruisers racked up now.  Not bad for a complete pvp/0.0 noob is it?

Still and all, I’ve been carebearing in hisec in a Tengu too long.  I forgot I even HAD drones until the fight was nearly over. And yeah, they took a good 4 minutes or so to launch after I told them to, but once I had them out they got me on at least 2 of the killmails.  And of course I forgot to recall them before warping back to gate once the fight was over, so. . . . 5 drones are out in space all abandoned.  Oops!

We started firing on the SBU’s to clear them, but we’d been on the op for about 2.5 hours at this point and I had some serious spouse aggro, so I simply docked up and will have to figure out how to get home on my own tomorrow.

I think it would have been a lot more fun without the lag, but as it was, I still really enjoyed it.  Far more fun that running plexes or anomalies or L4’s in hisec, that’s for sure!

Why’d I wait 2 years before moving to null?  I really don’t know.  Jump on in!  The water’s fine!

Update: I jump cloned out to my home system last night rather than try to slowboat it on my own.  We’ve received word that we’ll probably be having more operations there until we can convince the invaders of the futility of their trying to take it over, and I may as well leave a ship and jump clone there, imo.

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