Android Gaming: Void Defence

This week I’m highlighting another tower defense style game for mobile phones that I’ve been spending time with when I can sneak a level or two. This one is called Void Defence, by Craig Hart ( It puts a spin on the usual tower defense game by not involving roads or chutes, instead enemies come at you through the void.

You control a ring with twelve positions for towers, initially all empty. Enemies start in the center of the circle of which your ring is the circumference and move in a spiral position until crashing into the ring and taking your lives. You have the choice of six types of towers to use in your defense, which range from light damage rapid fire towers to towers that chain damage among several ships with each shot to towers that deal heavy damage and have a change to ‘reap’ enemy lives to add to your own but are very slow firing. All towers can be upgraded for range and statistics and also have a setting for target preference; either closest, highest health, lowest health or fastest enemy within range.

As you progress in levels the enemies have progressively more health and are worth more cash when killed. This is a game that has no end, it is a test of your strategy and survival to see how far you can go and points you can earn. Every eight levels you reach a checkpoint, from which later games can be started and the enemy resets to the slowest type (with ever increasing health). My record is 50, at which point the enemies have well over 100,000 health.

You have some assistance in your struggle, though it is random and forces you to make the best of what you are given. Every other level an enemy will spawn that when killed gives you a one use power to pass a tough level; these include freezing all enemies on screen, bombing the onscreen enemies to explode within a few seconds, doubling the range of all your towers, doubling the damage of all your towers, increasing the point value of enemies and increasing the cash value of enemies. When you pass an 8 level checkpoint, an enemy spawns that gives you a bonus that can be extra lives, extra points or an increase to the interest rate paid at the end of each level.

This interest rate is where your strategy becomes important, as it is the way to survive at higher levels of play. Any unspent cash gains you interest at the end of each level, so you are rewarded by being thrifty with your upgrades. The rate begins at 6% but can increase with the bonuses you get as you play. Planning a strategy to make your money work for you is essential to reaching higher levels in the game.

Ultimately this one is an achiever style game, as your reward for your well executed strategy is always a painful death and a points score. But the strategy elements and improving upon my play have kept me interested through all the levels available in the demo version. If you’re interested in something a little different and fun then try this one, I bet you’ll like it.

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