Warlocks and such (EQ2)

So the past couple of weeks I’ve been rather focused on playing my warlock in EQ2.  I’d started work on it a little bit after the Sentinel’s Fate expansion came out, but after working up a Shadowknight and then my coercer (aka the “Machine Gun Mage”) the casting times felt absolutely glaaaaaaaaacial.  And I just didn’t feel like I was doing a whole lot of damage per hit either so it simply felt like a chore.

But, after my Defiler Project I got used to the slower cast times again.  This time my beef was more that I was squishy squishy squishy, but since I know how to be careful to not get adds… not too big a deal.  Still…. level 80 through 84 felt like a slog until I upgraded from my ROK quested legendary armor to the level 82 master crafted cloth.  Why’d I wait until 84?  Becuz on my jeweler I knew that you need level 84 for that, so I thought the armor’d been changed also.  I was wrong.  Still, I had to decide between the armor that gave cast speed bonuses or the type that gave ability mod — and I went with ability mod.  Even now I’m not sure I made the right choice, but I’m not about to go spend more plat for level 82 stuff.  As it was, I used my other characters that had already built up faction with the merchants to buy their legendary stuff and passed it through the bank, so the jewelry I’m wearing is ok-ish.  And my coercer’s picked up some mage gear in her instance running that she didn’t need so it got passed through the bank as well — just waiting for the warlock to hit 90 to be able to wear it.

Ah, but there’s the rub!  I don’t have my AA’s where I want them yet and since you don’t gain any kind of vitality bonus at level 90, it’s faster to gain them at 88 or 89.  So once I hit 88 on the warlock, I converted to a 25/75 xp/aaxp split.  Even having done that I’m at 88.92% right now, so there’s plenty of xp out there.  I’ve also got over 190 AA’s so it’s not bad at all like that, but there are about 20-30 more considered “necessary” for a warlock and I’d like to get at least 200 AA’s before hitting level 90, so I’m keeping it slow, in spite of the gear upgrades I’ve already got in my bags for level 90 and the potential ones I can get once I hit that level.  Something else that’s been nice about slowing down is that I’ve been able to get more cash, so I’ve been able to keep up with my spell upgrades.  Add in that my warlock has maxed harvesting skill and I hit up most of the nodes I go past, I’ve gotten quite a few of the rares I needed and others to sell so… it’s been nice.

I’ve also been digging the mew spell effects.  There’s been a lot of whining about them on the official forums, but I find I really like them.  Like the new rift effect:

I’ll also admit that SOE’s “featured item” thingie in their cash shop worked and here’s what my SK looks like now as a result:

As it is, I’m going to try to get the warlock to 90 this weekend, and also to finish her Epic Repercussions “conversion of mythical weapon” quest.  I’m almost done with it now.  Just have the 3 instances plus the mercury to go after all.  But, trying to get a “gimp” character in to the instances needed can be rough.  Cella’s the daily double today for Marks, though, so a lot of people are running it today.  Guess that means I should go log in, doesn’t it?

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