“We Have Standards . . . . “

In EVE, my rudimentary researching skills are still “more than normal” so I’ve been assigned to research the corp’s rig BPO’s.  So I went off to do some personal research in the industry forums to see what kind of ME and PE levels are considered “good enough” or “perfect” or whatever.  What I found was a consensus that even for massive things like titan-class ships, getting an ME of higher than 20 is generally considered to be “not worth it” and 39 is more or less “the upper bound” of how much any blueprint would ever need to be researched.  For smaller items like modules and rigs, an ME of ZERO is sometimes enough and 10 is generally considered pretty darn awesome.  For PE, 20 is considered the upper bound ad it’s pretty hard and fast across any blueprint since PE covers time of manufacturing, not material wastage.

The CEO of the corp last night gave me access to the BPO hangar in station and told me he wants all the BPO’s researched to ME100 and PE20.  PE20 is no problem since it falls in line with the industry standard, but I asked him why so high on the ME since anything past 39 is considered by the industry sub-community within EVE to be silly, and for rigs anything past 10 is probably going to not really be needed.  His reply: “We have standards.”


*blinks again*

Seriously?  Some arbitrary “pretty number” that takes 5 to 10 times as long to research as the amount that’s really needed and it’s due to “having standards?”  As it is, I can only research them to 35 to begin, becuz anything higher than that takes longer than the 30-day time limit on any given job.  Yeah… getting even to 39 takes longer than a month.  I told the CEO that this was going to take 3 months per BPO just for the ME, with another 3 weeks or so for the PE research as well and he said “I don’t care.”

I know I’m not the only researcher, and some of the BPO’s I saw already had some research done on them, but I didn’t see any up at the 100/20 level yet.  If it were “just me” working on it, the 350 BPO’s in the hangar would take about 18 years at my current skill level.  I’m actually in process of training Metallurgy to 5 to shave 5% off the research time of ME, though, and I’ll also be doing Lab Ops 5 and Advanced Lab Ops 4 soon in order to allow 10 jobs at a time instead of only 5.  Even doing that would only take it down to about 8.5 years if it were just me.  Fortunately it’s not, but I think we’re going to need a LOT more labs put in at the POS and more researchers if the corp wants to see this research project completed in any reasonable amount of time.

As it is, I think I’m actually going to worry about getting all the BPO’s to 20 on the ME 1st, since that eliminates 99% of the waste right there, and only once that’s done will I worry about going higher.  I think overall that will give the corp the best bang for the time spent.  Since research only takes a few clicks and even “just” going to 20 will take about 3 weeks, it’s hardly a time-consuming process for me, after all.

Still — “We have standards” is about the dumbest reason I can imagine for wasting time.

In other news, I got my warlock in EQ2 up to level 90.  I had 197 AA’s when I did, so I was pretty close to my goal of 200.  In the instance running I’ve been able to do since reaching 90, I’ve gained 6 more and am up to 203 now.  I also was able to complete my mythical conversion quest last night, so now I have an innate ability to proc a 1 position dehate as well as encounter damage.  And I can “switch” my AE nukes to single target with a 30% damage boost as well.  On the face of it, that sounds really awesome, but I’m not sure how it will be in practice.  So far, anyway, I use completely different spells for AE vs single target and in both cases I always have something available to cast.  Adding more option to single-target by popping the switch will … well, I’ll have to learn a new casting order for 1, but also…. the cast time on the AE’s isn’t reduced and is rather long, so even with the 30% damage boost to them, I’m not sure if it makes up for the additional casting time needed to fire them off.  I guess we shall see as time goes by, no?

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  1. 100/20 on ship blueprints is just plain nutty.

    On ammunition, it’s actually quite easy. Going for full perfect build on ammunition blueprints is understandable.

    100/20 on ships is more than a little tedious (cruiser BPs would take approximately 6 months a piece to get to that point, bigger ships are worse.)

    Honestly, your “wtf” response is appropriate for ships, and when rig bpos are full perfect at 30/192 going for 100/20 is just plain silly.

    Show the ceo the numbers from itemdrop or evehq on the blueprints where 100 is massively above perfect build and tell him those blueprints get back-burnered indefinitely once they reach those numbers.

  2. Thx for the info and the reply post.

    Out of curiosity, that 30/192 for rigs to be “perfect” that you mention — is that for large rigs then? And did something change? Everything I read about PE said 20 was about all that was necessary, so the 192 you’re saying seems awfully high in comparison.

    FWIW, I tried to sign in at your blog in order to post this comment to your post there, but it didn’t accept my WordPress login, saying the username was no good. Too weird, no?

  3. My site is self-hosted, so the main wordpress.com login won’t work. You’ll need to use your blog author openid.

    A few rigs such as large cargohold optimization tech 1 can be fairly well researched FAR before 100ME (It’s perfect somewhere around 20-30). Rigs that are smaller than that typically are perfect before you get them to 10ME, so the “We have standards” argument should be soundly countered with “These ‘Standards’ waste days to weeks worth of research time for absolutely no benefit.”

    I think I mis-remembered when I gave a 192PE as perfect for rigs. Either that or I just pulled a number out of my ass for sake of argument. Spending no more than a month on PE is probably the best bet most of the time.

    My personal rule is that if you can get a blueprint to full perfect build (material AND time) within a month or two, it’s worth doing, regardless of what the output levels are. Small ammunition will basically always be viable to research to full perfect, ships will basically never be viable to research to full perfect.

  4. http://bit.ly/c0Z384 for the large cargohold optimization perfect build example, perfect at ME23.

    • I just found that EVEMon shows perfect ME on its blueprints tab. For large rigs it was generally 15, occasionally 18, and very rarely 24. I didn’t check all of them, just a few here and there. Since I’ve got that resource, I’ll definitely be using it from here on out.

  5. itemdrop has a similar entry in their site, and EvEHQ’s PRISM module does the same as well. They’re all good resources to use.

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