New Game: Perpetuum!

Yesterday, Stargrace asked me if I’d heard of Perpetuum and if I’d like to try it and write about it.  I said that I hadn’t but I’m willing to write about anything.  And then I said, “Um, what is it?”

Perpetuum, Stargrace told me, is a scifi mmo that’s a little like Mechwarrior.

Count me in.

I think that I’ve said before how much I love old games, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I enjoyed the old Mechwarrior and Mechwarrior 2 games.  Of course, it’s been 15 years or so since I played those, so this was more about what I remembered than what actually was.  I loaded up the game and this is what I’ve found so far.

The first thing you’re presented with is character appearance.  I’m very picky about my character appearance, and the more options you give me, the happier I am.  This is the most controllable character creation I’ve seen since Aion.  It was great!  The problem is that the characters are ugly.  Try and I might, I couldn’t make a pretty toon.  This isn’t as dire as I thought it could be, though.  Once I made my toon, I haven’t seen him since.

Stargrace tells me that the devs have said they think the toons are ugly too and are going to work on that, so that’s a problem that I expect will go away.

After the appearance set up, then you pick the corporation you work for (basically, it’s Americas, EU/Russia, or um.. China, I think? I don’t remember which the third was now), then your are of expertise (politics, war, or r&d.)  After that you pick your location and specializations.  All of this was very much like how I remember the mechwarrior games to be.  It’s interesting because I’m used to trying to build toons for efficiency in mmo’s.  Because this is such a foreign game setup to me, I tried to set up the way I would have set up in mechwarrior.  No idea how intelligent a move that was, but it might work out ok.

Having set up my toon, I logged in.  I was on a bit of a time crunch, so I didn’t do anything except the first tutorial, but I really liked the UI.  Everything that I wanted to do was intuitive, from moving and resizing things to the basic controls, and that’s always a bonus in my book.  One of the reasons I keep on with eq2 is that the controls and UI are so familiar to me.  Learning a new control system can be fun, but it just slows down my immersion into the game.

So, this evening, I’m going to be trying Perpetuum some more, and will report more of my thoughts over the next few days, but so far, Stargrace is right, this has a very strong feeling of Mechwarrior, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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