A Toon alone

I recently decided to try something new for myself.  I’ve been playing EQ2 since launch, and I have incurable and severe alt-itis, so during the time I had the Station Pass, I filled all 12 of my character slots in EQ2.  But there’ve been qquite a few changes in the “lowbie game” since then, but all my characters have been level 50 or higher for quite some time, so I didn’t get to experience it.  So with the advent of purchasable character slots, I decided to buy and make a new “lowbie” toon and play with it on a server where I didn’t know anyone and couldn’t twink myself from a higher level toon.

Thus was born Wahren Peece, the Ogre Wizard.

Yeah, the robe is a fluff purchase from the Station Cash store.  It was half-price, so it didn’t feel out of bounds, and I like the look on him.

So anyway, I wanted to start in New Halas, but as an Ogre, that wasn’t an initial option.  Yes, I know, I could have just ducked over to the bell, but I didn’t do that.  Ya see, I decided to take it slow on this toon, at least so far as adventure levels go.  I want to be one of those people with ludicrous amounts of AA from doing all, or at least nearly all, of the quests when they’re level appropriate.  So I worked through Gorowyn up to level 10 when AA becomes available, then set my slider to 95% so that I’d gain AA at an accelerated rate, but level much slower.

It worked kinda well, and I had 12 AA’s by the time I hit level 12.  But I was leveling slowly enough that the quest chain started to get away from me and I hadn’t upgraded any spells except a few Adept level one’s I’d looted from mobs.  I didn’t have any money becuz anything I could have sold for decent coin I was transmuting instead.  Well, except there was a real bottleneck for a bit.  Ya see, you blow through the 1st 10 levels so quickly that you really just don’t get enough items that are transmutable to get your skill up to the 20-25 needed to be doing the level 10 and up items you start finding at level 9 or so.  So my extremely limited bag space began to fill up with transmutable items that I didn’t want to sell, but didn’t have space to put in the bank yet becuz I couldn’t afford bags, and I’d already filled the bank’s slots too.

So off I went to Darklight Wood and began the quest series there.  They’ve changed the really low-level quests around a bit, and it does seem to flow a bit better now, so that was nice.  I burned through the really low level quests quickly since they were gray to me at level 12, and then as I was working through the ques lines in the rest of the zone I ended up getting to level 16.  The mobs and quests were starting to be orange again, so I was about to head back to Timorous Deep when a high-level monk doing a quest that needed a fairly rare update from the spiders I was killing came around and asked if he could group with and mentor me so he wouldn’t be “stealing my mobs.”  Even with my slider at 75% I gained 3 levels in the next hour or so.  And I headed back to Timorous Deep to finish the quests there before they all grayed out.  I was able to get past that level 10 transmuting bottleneck in DLW also, and I had enough saved up that once I got past the bottleneck, I nearly tripled my transmuting skill.

Back in Gorowyn, I received a tell from a guild rectuiter asking if I’d like to join his guild.  I’d been scanning the ads in the guild window and was thinking about applying to a couple of guilds, but with how he talked about his guild it sounded like a fun group of people, so I accepted his invite.  And I was right — it’s a VERY fun group of people.  The guild is small, but it’s high enough level to have a guild hall, at least.  And on day 2 as we were all chatting in Guild voice, the leader of the guild realized that I was fairly experienced overall in the game, and I suddenly found myself a level 22 wizard and the “Mage Officer” of the guild.  Well…. so far so good, I guess.

The guild did a few mentored power-leveling runs through Stormhold, Crushbone Keep, and Fallen Gate.  I joined them, but kept my slider so far to the right in order to keep my AA focus that the rest of the group eventually would level past me so far that they’d gray out the zone to me.  I still made it to level 26 or so from it all, and had over 50 AA’s, so it was all working out quite well, I thought.  somewhere in there I also began working on tradeskilling as a sage, and doing the harvesting quest from Qho on the Island of Mara.  From the harvesting, I found enough rares to sell to get myself some bags and strongboxes for my bank, finally.  I also sold shinies and once I started outleveling my transmuting beyond where items would level it, I sold off my transmuter fodder too.

All this served to get me where I am now — level 30 wizard, 60 AA points, Level 42 sage, mostly capped harvesting skills — fishing’s hard to find enough nodes in the low to mid tiers, sadly — tinkering is at 30 now (yes, kinda low, but…leaded loam is expensive so I’m harvesting my own, and it’s a little slow, even in the loam rich areas of Timorous Deep) and my transmuting is well over 100 now to boot.  Did I mention that I’ve got over 20 plat in sales on the broker and who knows how much from vendor fodder?  Or that I’ve got every “important” spell at Master level and all my “unimportant ones” to Adept level thanks to the research assistant?

So yes, even without twinking myself from a higher level toon, I’m sitting in a very good place right now.  I’m tempted to simply burn up to level 32 and finally start wearing Mastercrafted gear.  The stuff I’m wearing is mostly the noob zone gear still, and the grayed-out mitigation stats are starting to hurt when I’m solo.

I gotta say, that taking it slow on this toon and experiencing all the game’s different aspects is much more engaging to me right now that simply running the same instances over and over on my level 90 toons.  And I’m making new friends while I’m at it too.  All in all, this new toon’s been a great experience.  I may just have to repeat it again someday.

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