Online Soccer Champions

Online Soccer Champions to Leverage EKI One’s Artificial Intelligence Technology

Big Collision Games and Artificial Technology GmbH’s EKI One will Provide Authentic Soccer Atmosphere and Emotions for Every Online Gamer’s Inner Soccer Champion


SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. 1, 2010 Soccer stars will be able to lace-up their virtual cleats and get the real football experience with Online Soccer Champions, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) currently in Open Beta and developed by Big Collision Games.Gamers will be able to experience the true emotion and stadium atmosphere every soccer champion knows and loves by leveraging Artificial Technology GmbH‘s EKI One middleware.


“Artificial Technology is very proud to cooperate with Big Collision Games, in order to ‘bring bytes alive’ in Online Soccer Champions.” said Frank Gwosdz, CEO, Artificial Technology GmbH. “EKI One is a perfect fit to showcase one of the most popular and emotional sports worldwide.  We are looking forward to the challenge of bringing complex soccer artificial intelligence into the authentic Online Soccer Champions world.”


EKI One will ensure realistic behavior of the non-player characters, including the boisterous crowd and the environment on the pitch as well as in the Open World. Similarly, the technology creates the necessary and historically passionate stadium atmosphere while supporting the analysis of game situations and missions as well as the behavior in the social lobby.

“We want to make certain that Online Soccer Champions is as true and authentic to the head-to-head competition and environment players encounter on the real soccer field,” said Mike Turner, vice president of business development, Big Collision Games. “Working with Artificial Technology provides us with the technological support and expertise to achieve this in addition to helping provide gamers the feelings of fervor and excitement soccer champions experience while on the field.”


Online Soccer Champions is a fast-action, immersive MMOG where gamers play 11-on-11 matches, pitted against a similar skilled team – with every player on both teams controlled by a real gamer. Players can participate in leagues forexperience, virtual cash, and glory while exploring social lobbies modeled after Rio de Janeiro. Also, create or join clubs and team up against the opposition as well as customize characters, jerseys and gear to create a personalized avatar.


Gamers can sign up for the open beta at, or for more information about Big Collision Games, please visit

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