Wizard101 2010 Charity Drive

The Giving Tree

Eager to put your gardening skills to good use? Why not pick up The Giving Tree seed from the market and make a donation to a fantastic pair of charities at the same time that you grow yourself some awesome gifts. This is exactly what KingsIsle has done for players in their 2010 charity drive.

Give the Gift of Magic with this Giving Tree!

Last year our players raised $125,000 for Charity! This year, we are offering our players a chance to give a little Magic to someone in need.

When you purchase of a Giving Tree Seed from the Crowns Shop at the price of 2500 Crowns (approximately $5), KingsIsle Entertainment will donate the net proceeds to the following two charities in Texas:”

You can read more about these great charities on the Wizard101 web page, as you can see above I’ve already picked up one giving tree and planted it in my make shift little garden. I’ve also got a dandelion (which I can harvest for the first time in 5 hours!) two boom shrooms (that rewarded me a little coin and some crafting materials today) and two desparagus that have yet to reach the mature stage. It’s not often I get to make time for such a fantastic game, but the gardening has me checking in each day to clear pesky bugs and take care of my plants needs. If you haven’t logged in for some time I highly suggest you do so and go visit Moolinda Wu if you’re level 12 and above so she can get you started.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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