Thanks, Suckers.

I am pretty tired of hearing about people bitch and moan about the Freeblood race that EverQuest 2 added late December. Get over it. There are very good things about these marketplace items that very few people seem to want to admit. Number one they sell. The first day these little blood suckers hit the marketplace I saw over 50 people on my server alone eagerly opening up their wallets to buy them. Even though you can wait a few months and get one for free from having a subscription! Impatience is great. I do not even play on a role play server, can you imagine how nuts they must have been over there? Is that not the biggest role play dream to be some sort of sparkling freak of nature. If you hang out around the Inn in West Freeport on Antonia Bayle or Lucan D’Lere server you know what I am talking about.

The fact that these things sell means that the game gets a little extra support. If you have money to blow on this sort of crap then why not go ahead and open up the wallet and buy everything you can. You are supporting your game and hey that is a good thing. I do not want to see my monthly fee go up from 15 bucks so if you go and spend some extra money they will not raise those prices and the game will  keep on running for a little while longer.I do not care who is or is not playing a vampire race. It does not help me do a dungeon faster or sell gear or raid. It is like appearance armor on your skin instead of your weapon or gear.

I just do not see why this is such a big deal. When my guild goes and raids Hardmode fish we don’t ask if anyone is a vampire race and make sure everyone buys it first. You do not have to buy it at all you can ignore the whole thing and play one of the other 19 races available. That is right, EverQuest 2 has a whole bunch of other things that you can play if you are too poor to pay to play this one. what about the little extras? Well that is just how business works. We have a big expansion coming in February and I am sure there will be lots of neat things in that. Everything else is just little extra things that they can make people pay for. We pay every month so that we can play what is already in game, without anything new being added. Then we pay for the expansions. If you want the new stuff you have to pay a little more. Games have been doing this for a very long time now and I think that players just got lazy thinking that all of this should be free all of the time. Nothing is free. So thank you suckers who are paying for all of this extra crap. I can keep playing a game I really like and ignore the store like always.

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  1. There’s a lot of factors as to why this is upsetting to people. For one, SoE is already making hand over fist from EQ2X, a “free” game, not to mention all the crap they already sell on the Station Market. They recently merged servers. Less servers = less overhead.

    Secondly, there’s the whole PR aspect on how this was played out. Originally, this was announced as a reward for people who have accounts in good standing, have an active subscription within a certain timeframe, and who activate Velious within a certain timeframe. It was kind of a slap in the face when they announced it was purchasable through the Station Marketplace, a whole 2 months in advance no less. They peddled it as a reward, but didn’t reveal the fine print until later. At best, it was shady. At worst, it was deceptive.

    Thirdly, and finally, there’s the whole nickel and diming aspect of being able to unlock the full potential of the race. If you were going to pay for the race, the race + extras is 50 dollars. That’s more than the going rate of an expansion pack. It’s a ridiculous amount of money to pay, and that’s not including a race change potion if you don’t feel like leveling another character to 90/90/250.

    So while you’re thanking the suckers who purchased 50 dollars worth of fluff, it’s sending SoE the message that if people pay this much for fluff items, imagine what they would pay for items that actually matter! If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out EQ2X’s marketplace and see the amount of non-fluff items people can buy to advance their characters. Smokejumper just also recently announced a new marketing campaign for EQ2X, but none for EQ2Live.

    Smokejumper’s push for a Marketplace-type game, where you purchase things “as you need them” is going to be the death of our 15 bucks/month game.

  2. Michayla has some good points. One of the things you need to worry about though is your future expansion packs. You may notice that as each one comes out there is one less race. One less zone. One less armor set. Why? Because they can put that in the store. Wait until you purchase your $30 or more expansion pack and it contains five levels and nothing else, because the raids are being sold for $50 on the marketplace, the new class and race are each $50 as well, and the new zones that aren’t a boring grind fest, well those are $50 as well. Have fun in that raid, if you can find enough people willing to shill out the $50 it’s gonna require.

    Or that’s the fear anyway. From everything I’ve seen from SOE I can’t say they wouldn’t do it either. That’s the scary part.

  3. Got to agree with this article, the station cash thing can still ruin my game. But so as long as they keep it under control (and the purchases from there are optional) and we don’t get the EQ2X power items then I can play EQ2 and enjoy it.

    We truly have been paying less and less for the game the last couple of years, so like it or not my gameplay has been subsidised by the type of people who just must buy the latest mount now.

    When the line is crossed and we get self res potions and other crud seep into EQ2 Live then things are going bad, until then I guess I have to look at the fact its costing me less and less for the game I enjoy due to features I don’t have to pay for.

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