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One of the more exciting bits of news we have actually heard about Destiny of Velious is the fact that there are public quests – or at least (from what we’ve gathered so far) one public quest area that involves the Coldain Ring quest. If you played EQ1 at all you are probably very familiar with this chain of quests along with the Coldain Prayer Shawl which is rumored to be the DoV crafting epic. I went back and looked up the old quest chain on Zam, re-reading comments that dated back to 2001.  The 10th quest in this chain (at the time at least, I’m sure it can be completed solo these days) required a group of people:

This is the 10th and final Coldain Ring Quest.

Overview: This is a large encounter that requires a fair amount of players to complete. It involves multiple waves of giants of different levels attempting to overrun Thurgadin. You must kill the giants and the final giant in the war, Narandi the Wretched.

I’m wondering how a public quest in EQ2 will work. Will it require all players to be at level 90+ (I assume it probably will), how will rewards (if there are any) work. Will you be required to have a certain number of players complete it? What will inspire those who have already completed the quest to partake in ones after because as we’re all aware, if there’s no reward for YOU it’s hard to get volunteers to come help out. Will it be like pulling teeth to try to get people to participate? I don’t have the faintest idea.

On one hand I’m pretty excited about this development, I have had some great experiences with public quests. WAR has them, STO, and Rift. On the other hand I’m also a little concerned. Is this the way all groups are headed where you don’t have to actually search for players or put groups together yourself at all (a-la WoW LFD tool) or even communicate and ‘meet’ those group members before you’ve all disbanded and gone about your way? It seems like we have more tools for grouping up at our disposal then we’ve had in the past – and yet I don’t actually see people grouping more. In fact these days I see more people upset about not having a group then anything else (at least in EQ2). As game populations decline and spread thinner between multiple games is it the developers job to find ways to compensate for lack of groups?

Let NomadicGamer know your thoughts in comments!

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  1. I cannot say much since I did sign the NDA, but since Dave Georgeson (Smokejumper) has already said about it then I can confirm the public quests do reward loot, and they do also scale up and down to the number of players taking part.

    Right now he also confirmed that they are only in Velious. They would like to implement them throughout the game, but they’re going to watch how players get on with the Velious ones first before implementing more (which makes sense, and also quite handy since they no doubt have more then enough to do already!).

    All this information was discussed in the Velious videocast, when the NDA is down I guess I can share my own experiences 🙂

    As for the grouping, I see what you mean sort of. I find the public quest grouping to be good fun in WAR and EQ2 (EQ2 is certainly a little different), but its not a substitute for a tightly co-ordinated group in a dungeon/heroic zone.

    So as an addition to the game I love it, but in principle I’d hope that not all groups are auto created by the computer.

    This for me is one of the biggest downers I have with WoW right now, the dungeon finder there is simply soulless. Grouping with 4 other people who you’ll never see again and who therefore have no incentive for team play other then hoping they decent people in my experience while great for token/gear farming, sucks for adventuring in a dungeon.

    I also believe in that case its undermining the social fabric of WoW as an MMO, since guilds and friends often meetup through the need to group, since they’re removed overland heroic content, and now reduced to practically zero chances of meeting and getting to know people on your own server I think it will spell big trouble for their subscriber retention as time goes on (from now on too), at least that’s my prediction.

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