My Obligatory “New Avatar” Post for EVE

The kicker for me on this is:  Only 1 of these took me longer than 5 minutes to make, and that’s the the new image of the female Sebiestor Minmatar Jita alt that I log in maybe once a year, if even that.  For her I was trying to achieve “innocent and demure.”  Not sure how well I did, but there it is.  The other 2, well… I just got it to where I thought they looked cool and called it a day.  For their original portraits. . .tbh, they’re pretty much the random faces that I was given when I hit the character screen.  I think I tweaked the hair on the main, but that’s it.

Old Main — Caldari Achura:









New Main:

Old PI Alt — Caldari Deteis:

New PI Alt:









And finally the old trader alt:

And her supposedly “innocent and demure” new look:

And there you have it. . . . .

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  1. Love the changes.

    You went from:
    Accountant, to Trooper on your main.
    Smuggler to Business Executive on your PI alt.
    Mean to Unassuming on your trader.

    You didn’t mention why you didn’t spend lots of time on all of them. Do you think your avatar unimportant? More curious than trying to stir up anything…

    • TBH, yeah, I don’t find them terribly important — I’m the ship I’m flying, not the avatar. I thought they looked reasonable without putting a ton of time into them and was more than willing to call it “good enough” after just a few minutes.

      Once Incarna’s out and I’m out walking around I may kick myself, but I don’t think so — I like how they look well enough that I’m not worried about it.

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