Rift Beta 7 Patch Notes #Riftgame

The beta servers are scheduled to be available for play from Tuesday 2/15/2011 at 10AM PST until Monday 2/21/2011 at 10AM PST.

UPDATE: 2/16/11
* Stealthier stealth for Elves – floating helmets while in stealth should be corrected.
* Shaman, Druid, Justicar: Faith in Action is no longer removed if you remove one of these souls but still have one or more of the others in use.
* Additional Soul Tree UI cleanup and fixes.

* Even more better corrupted data detection.
* If the client cannot connect to the Rift servers using the normal ports [6000-6020], it will attempt to connect on port 80. Users with otherwise blocked ports should be able to connect to the game after this change.

Beta #7: Telara the Merciless
During this event, all previously opened content is available for play. In addition, Telara the Merciless includes a new level cap of 42, the zones Moonshade Highlands and Droughtlands, and the dungeon of Runic Descent. This is a 6 day open beta event. To participate, all you need to do is create a Trion account, wait for the invitation confirmation to come to your email, and download the game!

Localized versions of the game are available in French and German through the patcher Settings menu. Please be aware that some translations may still be in progress! You can report any localization issues through feedback in game or in the French and German beta sub-forums.

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