Rift: Deepstrike Mines Final Boss

Last night, I needed to download several GB of data in 5 different files and since I didn’t want to have to babysit the download in a chain, I just started pulling all 5 of them simultaneously.  Then I logged in to Rift to work on my battlemage, er, cleric.  I wanted to get her to at least level 45 last night.  Sadly, the bandwidth eating of my download in the background was making my spells not work right.  They’d cast, use the mana from the pool, but they wouldn’t actually hit the mob(s) I was fighting.  No resist message, just a fizzle.  So I decided to work on my crafting on my mage instead.  I’ve got her runecrafting maxed out at 300/300, but her outfitting was still in the low 200’s — higher than I can use, frankly, but since the cleric gets a ton of high-level supplies (humanoid mobs drop cloth about 50% of the time, and since the cleric’s an armorsmith she’s got butchering too, but she uses a lot more metal than leather).  Though I suppose I could “use” the bags from the recipe you get at skill level 280, so . . yeah, that’s the ticket.

When I logged the mage in, a group was asking for a healer to go into Deepstrike Mines (DSM).  Since I’d logged in the mage to craft, not do an instance run, I didn’t think much of it.  But after I’d crafted out my 4 work orders and gone from skill 210 to 270 and they were still looking, I checked my downloads and since 2 of them were now done, I figured I’d have the bandwidth to fix that spell-firing issue, so I shot them a tell “27 chloro will come.”

‘Twas funny.  The reply I got back was “We’re looking for a cleric.”  I shot back “Why?  I solo healed the place on my chloro 3 levels ago and I’m only a better healer now.”  He responded with “Ok, but we’ll have my wife back you up.”  I thought “Whatever” to myself but since he shot me the invite didn’t say anything to alienate him.  Group consisted of him (warrior – tanking) and get this. . . 4 mages!  His wife’s primary spec I never figured out (I assume warlock due to always having mana but not having a necro pet), but I do know she had at least 11 points in Chloromancer as secondary, so she had the empowered Lifegiving Veil up and she even would cast Synthesis on her husband until I asked her to stop so I could actually be the healer — kind of annoying to cast Nature’s touch and not have it be a big heal on the tank — but since she wasn’t using life-based damage she wasn’t actually healing at all, so that was a waste, tbh.  We also had a pyromancer/elementalist and another one who seemed to be an elementalist/warlock (again, always had mana in the long fights) – though why he was using his tank pet instead of his mage pet is beyond me.  The elementalist tanks do almost no damage at all, not even the upgraded one he was using.

Overall the run was pretty smooth, but remember that problem with spells not firing I mentioned?  Chloro’s heal by nuking, so when the spells don’t fire, the heals don’t go off.  Was only a problem a couple of times, but was still annoying whenever it happened.

The final boss fight was interesting.  His “trick” is that every 15 seconds or so he tosses out a large crystal onto the ground.  If it’s a brown earth crystal it heals him, so you have to stop targeting him and kill the crystal asap.  If it’s a red fire crystal it does ae damage to people too close to it.  So “kill brown, run from red” is the mantra you chant to yourself while fighting him.  I told everyone the strat before the fight started (I was the only person who’d been there before and knew the dungeon) and they all said “got it” so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem, since we hadn’t had a problem with the prior bosses.  Sadly, there was a problem. . . .

It took a long time of actual fighting before they realized we weren’t killing him due to the fact that no one but me was targeting the crystals to kill them.  The crystals only have 2044 hp, but when the chloromancer only really has 3 attack spells and the primary one has a 2s cast time and only does about 150 damage, well, I couldn’t kill them fast enough on my own.  So he was being healed back up to full each time he’d toss brown crystals.  Eventually my spells stopped firing and we wiped due to losing the tank while my heals weren’t going off.  This was after a good 4 minutes of fighting, and the others had finally started to focus on the brown crystals so it was actually starting to go kinda well, but such is life.  The pyromancer didn’t have any in-combat mana regen though so she’d run out of mana an hadn’t been contributing much anymore anyway.  I’d suggested that she back far enough out of the room to break combat for herself and drink, but apparently that’d become a common strategy and so Trion’s now got a forcefield over the door while you’re fighting that boss.  Or maybe’s it’s always been there and I just never noticed before.

Anyway, we rezzed up, I alt-tabbed out and paused my downloads to hopefully prevent my spells misfiring anymore,  and I pointed out that the failure reason there was that we’d not killed the brown crystals fast enough and so he was healing from them more than we were hurting him.  Once everyone was full mana again we started up again.  At first we did okay, since he doesn’t actually heal that much from the 1st few crystals, but then once we’d gotten him down about halfway, I guess everyone thought that we could just burn him so they stopped focusing the crystals when he tossed them (you can’t miss his tosses – loud “scream-y” kind of sound plus it knocks everyone back when it lands plus there’s a big fire effect while it’s in the air to boot) and we started losing ground on his hp fast.  The pyromancer was out of mana again and with a tank-spec’d warrior, me on chloro doing crap for damage, and an elementalist so bad he was using a tank pet. . . I didn’t think we had the dps to finish him off, so I suggested we take the wipe and try again.

But this only served to rally the troops, and they suddenly got really good at focusing on the crystals when they popped, so we started getting him down about 6K-8K hp each cycle (cycle of throwing his crystals – he throws 2 reds, then 2 browns, then 2 reds, then 2 browns, etc) and we actually ended up winning the fight.  Good thing I have infinite mana as a chlorlock . . . the fight lasted nearly 20 minutes.  I felt like I’d been on a raid.  Everyone was very happy to have pulled it out.  And I gained level 28 in there too.  I even got an Outfitter Plaque when I turned in my workorders, so all in all I call that night a win!

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  1. I love this fight. It is the first truly difficult boss in the game, especially before the nerf that happened a couple of patches ago.

    Kind of gives you a taste of what to expect later.

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