Rift: The Warrior Nerf

So this past week, Trion pushed patch 1.1 out on Rift and made a lot of changes, especially to the warrior souls.  Full notes are here, if you want to check them out.

Now for me and the warrior, I’ve never really gotten into it.  I tried it in the beta and I made 1 of each type in the headstart, but the warrior’s always lagged very far behind my other toons.  I did find in the beta that I kinda liked the Champion and the Riftblade souls, but neither synergizes with the other so I’d never tried them in conjunction.  I’d done some forum reading and found that Riftblade/Reaver was supposedly “awesome” once you got to the mid-20’s but in the low teens where I was it never seemed to be “all that.”

So last night after getting my cleric to 45 and getting annoyed at the constant blowing/howling wind sound in Iron Pine Peak, I logged in my warrior to see what the changes did to her.  She’d had her souls reset due to all the changes, and I decided that since I hadn’t really been “feeling it” with the Rfitblade/Reaver that I’d try the other warrior I’d liked and make Champion my primary soul.  From reading all the QQ threads in the forums I knew that Paragon had some good abilities that didn’t require dual-wielding that were low-hanging fruit, and that Beastmaster is supposed to synergize well with Champion also.  I spec’d it as 10 Champion / 6 Beastmaster / 4 Paragon since that seemed to make sense at the time, then looked at making some macros to take advantage of the skills and how they operate and headed into the wilds to test it out.

And I fell in love with it.  In your face with the mobs like a warrior should be, rather than tossing spears at them after I’d snared them.  Plus with the Strike Like Iron dps buff from the Paragon, my Rising Waterfall was hitting for 180-200 and my finisher from the Champion was hitting for 204 and crit’ing for 334.  May not sound like a lot, but at my level the mobs have 400-800 hp is all, so doing this much damage per hit kills them quite quickly.

And this is after a supposedly severe nerf.  I can’t imagine what it must have been like before.

Downside of this build is that unless I pull the “toggle ranged auto-attack” to my hotbar, I’ve got no way to ranged pull without just charging in with Bull Rush, but that’s not too big a deal.  The other thing that annoys is that the cat sometimes pulls aggro early in the fight while it’s standing behind me and then mob runs through me to where I can’t hit it until I turn around, but this is minor and I also think that as I level up and start doing more damage on initial strikes that it won’t be an issue.

I’ve also found that I don’t use the Backhanded Blow from the Beastmaster.  In-game the tooltip says it does a ton less damage than my regular hits and does bonus damage from bleeds, but the only bleed I’ve got is from the BM’s finisher and since its damage+bleed damage is so much lower than the Champion’s straight up hit, I’m not using it, so I’m not putting bleeds on any mobs at this level.  this could change, but for now… I want to respec that point.  Further, the Thunderous Kick is just annoying and I’m gonna nab my point back from that also.

Other than that, though… I guess it’s becuz I don’t know what I’m missing, but I think the warrior is most excellent as it is and since I don’t really know what was nerfed. . . well, I’m perfectly happy with it.   At least in dps mode, anyway.  After I try tanking Iron Tombs I’ll let you know what I think of the Paladin/Warlord/Reaver setup. . . .

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  1. Players get disproportionately hysterical about nerfs. Partly because they believe it, partly to game the developers.

    Warriors were much much higher than other classes. Most classes best spec parsed at 700-800. Warriors could comfortably break 1000. (Solo, on combat dummy).

    If you’re that far ahead of the pack you can be nerfed and still be better than everyone else (which is possibly where Warriors are now).

    • Yeah, it’s not really a nerf if they still are the hardest hitting.


      “And this is after a supposedly severe nerf. I can’t imagine what it must have been like before.”

      The answer is, completely ridiculous.

      • The dps nerf was mostly to riftblade ranged from my understanding. Tanking souls took the biggest hit. They reduced the damage of reaver abilities on targets other than the one cast on which in turn reduces the amt of healing reavers were seeing. On top of that they lowered the percentage of the damage healed by reaver abilities which in effect is a double nerf to healing.

        They gimped paladins abit by nerfing the block triggered heals but I think the damage from that is roughly the same.

        Warlord was left alone since it pretty much sucks anyway and should only be taken as a 3rd soul.

        VK was hurt too because mages cried too much I believe but I have not played one so I can’t really say….

        Basically the Dps souls of the warrior may have seen DPS decreases overall but they we’re just brought down to around everyone elses level with the exception of paragon. I hear they are pretty OP as far as burst damage goes but sustainability is lacking.
        Tanks were beat to hell in this patch but I see some smaller patches coming to remedy this somewhat.

  2. Basically dps was lowered to be more on par with other classes. Tanks took a big hit. However, as stated dps is now more on par with other classes, so PVE its fine. PVP when you are the only class without a decent soul that can heal yourself up and you do the same relative damage guess what happens when you fight anyone? They heal while you just die. If you PVE no complaints. PVP I started playing my cleric so I hardly die…ever. At 50 I can’t kill anyone but other warriors and rogues unless I’m with other people. Leveling prior to 1.1 up to 50 warriors were overpowered. At 50 mitigation kicks in and you have better players so pvp was actually pretty even. Nerfing pvp for warriors they just suck-at least the builds I’ve tried do, and I’ve tried a lot. I’ve also seen quite a bit of posts like this so I’m not the only one. I’ll keep my warrior for pve, and wait to see if they do something about the pvp.

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