Rift: Nerfed Warrior Redux

Since my last post about my experiences with a warrior in Rift, and seeing what I did and didn’t like about my existing point distribution, and also leveling up to 20, I rejiggered my spec to look like this. In doing so, I got rid of “wasted” points for skills I wasn’t using and actually bumped up the damage I was doing with the skills I kept.  I’ve seen the “Rising Waterfall” hit non-crit for over 200, my Punishing Blow finisher hitting for 240+ non-crit, and my Death Blow finisher hit non-crit for 404.  Again… this is vs mobs with maybe 900 hp, or lower, so yeah… things are dying really fast.  Even just killing 1 at a time and not really doing much AE damage I can still take on 3-4 mobs at a time without fear of dying.  Not bad for a dps spec.  In fact, it’s still so high that I am again wondering just how high it was before the “big warrior nerf.”  I certainly don’t feel like I’m lacking in power and damage done at level 20, that’s for sure.

Thing with the 18 points in Champion is that most “suggested builds” on the official forums maybe go up to 28 points in champ, but several stick to 22-24 points also, so I’m already almost there.  Beyond that, they usually go up to at least 32 points in Beastmaster, and I’m obviously nowhere close to that yet.  But since I’m about 75% “done” with Champion I’m going to focus a lot more on Beastmaster points as I do the next 10 levels or so.  If I put every point I will get for those next 10 levels into BM, then once I hit 31 I’ll be able to summon the “greater” pet, just when I’ll need it, so that seems to work out perfectly.

Now for the flip-side:  Tanking.

Yes, I do have a tank role.  for now I’m using a Paladin/Warlord/Reaver spec for that, and for my run through Iron Tombs it seemed to work pretty well.  The hardest time I had was with AE aggro, really, and even there it generally was a case of I’d keep all but 1 mob that a dps had focused on.  Sometimes I could get it back, sometimes I couldn’t.  Sure, I have Sweeping Strike and Judgment, but  they aren’t spammable for AE damage, so while I used them, they didn’t seem to be consistent AE threat builders.

I’m still not really sure how threat management works in this game, though.  Sometimes I’d range pull 3 mobs and the 1 I’d hit would go for me, while the other 2 would run past me toward the healer, but when I did a melee hit on the mob that was in front of me, the other 2’d snap back to me, even though I’d not done anything to them.  Makes it seem to me that anything you do to gain threat seems to radiate a out from you a little, but I don’t know how well that works or what the mechanics behind it are.

OTOH, in reading suggested builds on the warrior forums, it appears that the Paladin is more of a single-target tank, and to make yourself do well with AE you need 11 points in Reaver in order to use the Plague Bringer and Sinister Intent skills in combination with each other.  And 18 points in Void Knight is also supposed to give some incredible mitigation bonuses, so the “cookie cutter” build for a tank seems to be something like 18 VK / 12 Reaver / 36 Paladin.  Perhaps once I have a lot more points I’ll look into that.  For now, I’m fairly happy with how I’m set up as a Paladin/Warlord.  We’ll see if that stays with me in the higher level dungeons or if I end up swapping around more souls and points.

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