Gaming, and Choosing an ISP

How do you choose what internet service provider (ISP) to go with for your day-to-day usage? These days I have been thinking about this subject more and more – especially with the latest issues we’ve been having here in Canada. I always have to decide if I want speed more or do I want to be concerned with the cost. In Ottawa there are very few choices for ISP – I am currently with Acanac, who rents their lines from Bell Canada. My internet is a little slow when it comes to downloading but I don’t have any throttling and I have an unlimited usage cap. I never notice the speed while I’m gaming, which is of course one of my number one concerns. I do notice it if I have to patch or update a new game but it’s almost not an issue because in most cases the company I’m downloading from is slow too (Rift was one major exception, their downloads have always been incredibly fast).

There are so many different types of internet out there, too. There’s DSL, and satellite like a HughesNet internet package. The satellite option is what my parents chose to go with, living in the country away from their regular options. The idea of bundling all my gadgets together is also very appealing, having cable, internet, and my home phone under one bill. I see commercials for this all of the time in the states, and the prices are always so much lower then what I pay up here. I hope that as time goes on Canada also realizes that technology is expanding and has expanded to the point where it’s almost expected in every home. Children doing school projects who don’t have access to a computer and the internet I would daresay are at a disadvantage to those who do have access. Or perhaps not so much at a disadvantage but would have to compensate for not having those things readily available within their own home.

Back to gaming – do you choose your ISP at all based on the online games you may be playing? If you play WoW you may very well, especially if you’re a rogers user who is being throttled at this time. What about downloads to your PSP or your PS3 or XBox. Is the internet service you have important to your use of these gadgets?

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