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This past weekend I made the final push on my cleric and dinged 50.  Yay me and all that.  But that’s not what I’m posting about today.  I actually wanted to talk a little bit about my experiences in the Abyssal Precipice and the Charmer’s Caldera instanced dungeons.  The call went out “LF1M DSP/Support Heals” and since that’s exactly what my spec as a “Battlemage” or “Inquisicar” is, I sent the tell and got the invite.

We hit up the Abyssal Precipice 1st, followed by the Charmer’s Caldera.  We had a warrior tanking, a cleric healer, a 2nd cleric (me) doing dps and support heals, a rogue that seemed at least partially bard spec’d and a mage set up as a pyromancer.

There’s really not too much to say about the runs in general, other than that the tank had at least 10 points in the Warlord soul, and I figure his primary was Paladin.  I know he had at least 10 in Warlord because when he’d pull the trash packs to us he did it by targeting the caster/ranged mob and would “yank” it, which is the 10-point Warlord ability.  So with it now next to him, then the melee mobs would run over and we’d all AE them down.  Easy peasy.  This system held in both instances.

The bosses are another story.  Each has their little trick you need to know in order to be able to kill them.  The healer had been through the zones before and knew the encounters so he’d explain them to us beforehand, and then we’d do them.  Oddly, on nearly every fight he’d tell us what to do and what not to do. . and then he’d do what he’d told us not to do and die.  And this was with a bard keeping his heals going plus all the heals I was putting out through Reparation and my dps.  Yowza!

I surprised myself, though.  After he’d go down, I’d start casting my regular heals on the tank from my Sentinel soul, plus use the Doctrine of Loyalty group heal.  I only had 14 points in Justicar then, so while I had the Righteous Mandate and was apssing overheals to myself through that to the tank, I didn’t yet have Doctrine of righteousnaess to use to heal him using my Convictions.  But since I was ranged out and not getting hit, mostly, casting a Doctrine of Bliss on myself served the same purpose via the Mandate link.

Between all those tools, I was actually able to keep the tank up vs bosses.  Might also lose the mage, but between me, the tank, and the rogue we’d still finish out the fights, then rez up the healer (and possibly the mage too, if necessary) and move on.  Funny though… final boss in CC killed the MH and the rogue, then I got aggro in spite of the Mien of Honor’s 50% aggro reduction, I kept myself healed enough that the boss got down to about 1800 hp before I finally went down, and then the mage got a cinder Burst off that finished it off before it could go back and kill the tank and then the mage for the wipe.  The mage had a chloromancer role and swapped to that after the fight to rez us up.

Won the roll on the chain chest piece pictured to the left.  Since I was currently wearing the “pantless” carminitum legs (due to the carmintium breastplate being a long dress-style thing), it made for an oddly naked look until I hit 50 and was able to equip some Orichalcum leggings instead.

Still and all, I have to admit that I was surprised at my ability to keep the tank alive and kicking while playing a dps/support healer role, at least until today when I really thought about just how much healing you can put out via the Righteous Mandate/Reparation combo.

With Reparation and Mien of Honor, my non-justicar attacks (almost all of them frankly) heal 16.5% of the damage I do.  If I’m at full health (and since I’m at range, this is most of the time) then the 16.5% overheal on myself is transferred over to the tank and thus he receives 33% of my damage as heals.  My Justicar abilities (really just Bolt of Radiance at range) heal for 37.5%, thus 75% to the tank.  But then any direct heals on myself also transfer through, so when I cast Vex on a mob, that 90% direct heal goes through to the tank instead, as well as triggering a 16.5% + 16.5% heal on the initial tick of damage.  Top that off with my 3 direct heals from the Sentinel (1 instant, 1 2s cast, and a 2s cast AE heal) as well as my healing Doctrines from the Justicar tree and. . . . that’s quite a lot really.  Not bad for a dps spec, is it?


In other news, once I hit 50 on the cleric I started focusing a bit more on my warrior.  Still monkeying around to find a spec I really like.  Right now I’m using Riftblade/Paladin/Paragon.  I don’t see the big numbers flying up like on the Champion/Beastmaster/Paragon, but things still melt so fast it doesn’t seem to matter.  I hit level 26 last night and thus was now able to wear the full suit of “iron” crafted gear.  The legs and boots I could wear at 23 were nice and protective looking, so imagine my surprise when I equipped my chest piece and saw this:

I thought the stereotype for armor was *chainmail* bikini, not *plate armor* bikini. 😉  I mean yeah, the amount of cleavage exposed on the cleric above is completely too much for armor too, but this?  Wow…. it even just looks like a cloth bikini top that wouldn’t offer any protection anyway.  Granted also that even up until now I’ve always had an exposed midriff and cleavage on the warrior also, but. . . I’m still flabbergasted that the armor upgrade went to less covering.  Definitely must be magic armor to be protecting better with less material.

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  1. FYI the Void Knight also gets the “get over here” ability at… level 21 I think.

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