Memories of EverQuest

Brells Rest

I always wonder what it is about EverQuest that keeps making me come back for more. It’s a dated game, but I love it. There’s no real quest journal (well, there is – but not really) there’s no indication to tell you if an NPC wants to talk to you, the game is not solo friendly (although it has come a LONG way with the addition of mercenaries, and the ease of boxing) so what is it about the game that makes me want to log in day after day – even playing it over newly released games like Rift.

Of course the first thing that I think of are the memories of when I first started to play, back in 2001. The game had already been out for a few years but it was my very first MMO and I was excited. My first character was a froglok cleric named Sobana (thank you random generated name). I met some amazing people playing that first year, some of them I still know, 10 years later. One of my memories is the bazaar – and no, not the one in the East Commonlands tunnel that I hear about from the true old timers, but the first version of the bazaar. It reminded me of a stable, with wooden stages for players to stand between and show their wares. One thing that I always heard in /shout was someone advertising a gambling game. We’ve come a long way now, with places like poker sites making their way into the market – but I will still always remember the person shouting “/Random 1000, role over 599 and double your money, over 799 tripples! Min. bid XXX amount of plat” – and other shouts exactly like it. In fact just the other day I heard someone shouting this in PoK.

I always wondered whether people actually made any money from these gambling games. As far as I could tell (so long as the person wasn’t completely rude refusing to pay participants) it wasn’t a hoax – or maybe I’m wrong and they used hacks and cheats to roll their “dice” – I really have no experience in the matter because I never personally participated. Even so, 10 years later, I remember these. Actually in EVE Online I see people advertising these types of gambling games more often then not.

I love the memories I’ve created and those are enough to keep me going back and creating more. Most of my EverQuest posts are over on, so if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been up to in game, don’t hesitate to stop over there and take a peek.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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