CCP Fail

Update up top:  CCP Zulu posted a dev blog that read to me as “CCP = teh awesomesauce.  Players = whiners who need to shut up about all CCP’s awesomeness.”  That attitude rubbed me the wrong way, so I canceled my account after all.

Wow, what a week in EVE!

Incarna released to much disappointment.  No content update to speak of other than the new turrets (which actually are well received) and the Captain’s Quarters, and the CQ is being turned off in droves by players (including me) as being a massive resource hog that’s sometimes even causing graphics cards to overheat.  There was also the “Noble Exchange” added with its RMT cash shop and obscenely outrageous prices for vanity items that no one other than you would ever see in the game’s current state.

This comes on the heels of a leaked internal newsletter wherein arguments were made along the lines that RMT shop transactions *should* allow things like ships, ammo, and faction standings to be sold, in spite of CCP’s promises in the past that the NEX would only contain “fluff” vanity items like clothing for your new avatars, decorations for your quarters, and maybe paint jobs for your ships, among other things.

Tippia goes over it on her blog far better than I could, so I’m not going to try to reinvent the wheel and let you just go read it there instead.

What really prompted my to even make this post though, is that so many people are upset about it that the forum threadnaught about it is expanding faster than I can read it, and now people have taken it in-game to the largest player hubs, including Jita, Rens, Dodixie, and Amarr.  At you can (currently) watch a live feed of the Jita protest — over 2000 people in local (about 700-800 more than normal for this time of day) and quite a few of them are trying to destroy the memorial at 4-4 (the major trade hub station).  I’ve heard reports that Amarr has over 1300 in local right now also, though I’m not at home to be able to log in to check.  This is an amazing rebellion by the players over all this.

And I’m also saddened to report than a good friend of mine — the one who got me playing EVE in the 1st place and just a couple of weeks ago said he planned to be playing for 20 years to come — told me today that he’s canceled his EVE account and is going to sit on the sidelines until this all shakes out.  I’ve been leaning toward pulling the plug myself for the past few months since I really haven’t played it much since last November and still don’t really have much of a desire to.  And yet, frankly since I am so detached from the game right now, this whole thing seems like a big tempest in a teapot to me, so if I do end up leaving, it won’t be due to any of the things that have popped up.

How’s that for an anti-climactic ending to a post?

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  1. I’ve pulled out of Eve as well… and I’ve been playing it more on than off for the last 5+ years…

  2. It seems to me a case of crowd fervor straight from the psychology textbooks. Some pointless vanity content turned out to be unexpectedly out of some players’ reach. Most people didn’t want them anyway. If a monocle had been $5 would you have bought one?

    But we get from that which frankly only a tiny minority was bothered by to the leaking of documents, bannings and mass hysteria.

    I really think you have to not get sucked in.

    So you may be able to buy in game advantage for $$? Guess what. You already can. Everything is buyable, the stuff that was speculated about is all buyable. Want more skill points? Buy a higher skill point character in the Character bazaar. Want standings? Pay a mission runner to add you to his fleet and watch them rise while you afk.

    Everything in Eve is about isk and everything can be bought and sold. So the existence of plex already made all this in-game advantage for cash stuff present.

    TLDR: Nothing actually happened that’s worth caring about. You will simply be able to buy advantage in more ways than just plex IF these speculative ideas get enacted. Well one thing’s worth caring about – the banned players. I hope they get their bans lifted, they weren’t any ruder than CCP was when it sang HTFU to us.

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