Update on Activity

I re-subbed to EVE since I was less than 2 weeks from flying a carrier and I wanted to fly one darnitall!  Plus, I wasn’t actually mad about the EVE changes themselves, just Zulu’s devblog, and what with his mea culpa about that, I’m satisfied that it didn’t represent his normal feelings about the EVE playerbase so I’m back.

Finished all my pre-reqs last night except for I need the Capital Ships skill book and there isn’t one out in my region of null, and we’re in a hi-sec war yet again, so I’m not real keen on trying to hit up one of the school systems there right now.  so I’m training Logistics 5 to prepare for the triage module while waiting for the war to wind down, then I can go get my book from somewhere and it should be interesting to see how the jump to a cap ship changes the game for me.

With the Northern Coalition in something of a fail cascade now, I’m no longer “tucked safely in back” anymore, but now my alliances space is within just a few jumps of the front and some of our systems have been hit, such that we’re pulling some of our ship storage POS’s down.  The changes to the jump bridges means that the jump bridge POS’s aren’t in the same places anymore either, so I need to fly around and update my bookmarks.

I’ve also put duplicate ships or ships in the same class up on the market.  I’ve always been told to keep my footprint light in case I need to move quickly, but over time I’ve accumulated 2 HIC’s, 2 Logi’s, several interceptors, a few Drakes for ratting, and I’ve got my industrials/transports for PI on top of it all, as well as my fleet-fit BS’s — all scattered across 4 systems over 7 jumps. . . and not all of it in my alliance space for that matter. . . .   So I’m hoping at least some of it will sell and I’ll be down to a more manageable ship number soon.  Though if I get in a carrier as soon as I hope and can hook up with corp/alliance cyno people, then I can just carry everything around myself.  Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to have 2 accounts so I can have my own cyno alt, but meh.  I’m of the opinion that if you can’t succeed in a game with only 1 account then you’re not as social as you should be.

So anyway, there’s my EVE update.  Now moving on to Rift:

I’ve got some friends who I played SWG with, then we moved to EQ2 together, and now we’re all playing Rift too.  I told them when we started that I was Defiant on Faeblight, and they did make a few characters there, but they had another friend playing on Wolfsbane — Defiant also.  He had his own guild, so I moved over there and started working on a few toons with a Bahmi Warrior as my primary.  But Wolfsbane started getting hit with “queue to log in” syndrome, plus the guild was only about 5 actual people and we were scattered all over level-wise, so it folded.  My friends came back to Faeblight, but since they were Defiant already on Wolfsbane, they decided to go Guardian on Faeblight, so if I wanted to play with them . . . .you guessed it, I got to start over as a Guardian this time, in spite of having 4 Defiant toons, level 50, 29, 29, and 29.  Did I mention that each had crafting up to 280-300 out of 300?

So since I found I like the Cleric archetype best of the 4 Defiants I’d been playing, I made a new Mathosian Cleric for my main.  I decided to make it a “pure harvester” and figured I’d just dump mats to a crafting alt and let that toon make my armor, weapons, and jewelry from those materials.  Works well in theory, but I shortly realized that I wanted to make my own runes too since Rift’s Auction House is a big fat joke and you really can’t find much of anything useful on it, especially when you’re leveling up.  And since a Runecrafter more or less needs Outfitter to be able to get enough of it’s own mats to make runes, that meant I couldn’t really just dump Weaponsmith and Artificer from the crafting alt so. . . . the Defiant warrior got deleted.  I had another level 29 warrior on Wolfsbane, after all, so if I got the warrior bug I could just go log him in.  And thus I had 3 characters covering all 9 crafting professions — 1 to harvest, 2 to actually craft.

As an aside, it’s been pretty fun on the crafting alts leveling them up simply via crafting and the exploration xp granted from when I’ve had to run out to the various quartermasters.  These crafting alts were level 7 when they left the tutorial/intro zone and then ran straight to Sanctum.  They’re level 15 and 13 now — I need to quest out their souls for them sometime soon. 😉  But that would mean playing them for more than crafting. . . . .  Surprisingly (to me) I’ve only had 1 death during all my various explorations with these low level toons, in spite of the roads not necessarily being safe in Rift.  Of course, I also haven’t tried to go to Stillmoor on them yet either, but IIRC it’s not a bad run from the Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak, and I’ve got that portal unlocked on both crafters, so. . time will tell.

Anyway, we joined a small guild they found initially, but then that guild was a complete joke, so we ended up joining Gaiscioch after doing a run with a couple of people in that guild.  They were good players and we had fun chatting with them during the dungeon, so we expressed our interest in leaving our current guild and they immediately invited us.  It’s been a good fit so far — lots of guild groups and premades, and when I got 50 on my cleric last night I was immediately invited to a daily raid and got 11 plaques for just a few minutes of killing a single raid mob.  Plus I can start doing the T1 dungeon runs now and start gearing up more and seeing how it all works out.  It’s been a fun ride so far, and I’m looking forward to more!

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