RIFT 1.4 Hotfix #8 – 8:00am PDT 8/18/11 [NA]

* Estrode: Estrode’s Natural Splendor can no longer be cleansed.
* Inquisitor Garau: Fixed an issue that could cause Garau to no longer cast abilities on his main target.

* Fixed an issue where undetected stealthed targets that had been marked by the party or raid leader would still display the mark in the last known position of the stealther. The mark now goes invisible when the target does.
* PvP Rifts: You now receive credit for attempting to pick up Sourcestone in a PvP Rift, rather than only for successfully picking it up.
* Some Rifts were dropping essences that were of too high of a level for the zone the Rift appeared in. They don’t do this anymore.

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Just another female gamer with too much time on her hands.

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