The Telara Saga – Season 2 Kicks off on Sept 6th

The Telara Saga – Season Two

The Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community is pleased to announce the second season to their smash hit “The Telara Saga”. The first season took the Guardians of the Faeblight server on a 22-week adventure filled with PvP, PvE, and Roleplay. Each week progressing toward the overall goal of sieging the Defiant capital of Meridian. At it’s height over 500 players joined in the adventure and worked together to conquer zones, defeat invasions, and complete zone events.

The Second Season brings a new twist to the story as both factions unite to dismantle the Dragon Cults. After learning of the Endless Court’s plan to use the hatred between the Guardians and Defiants to foster a war among brothers and their alliance with the other Dragon Cults, the Telaran people realize that their only victory comes through unity. With the strength of the Guardians, and the intellect of the Defiants, Telara shall be saved.

Be sure not to miss the next season of this exciting Faeblight exclusive, public community driven cooperative event, happening every Tuesday at 6-9PM server time. Participate in the events that unfold as the united Telaran front takes on the Dragon Cults. All levels welcome.

Visit for full season 2 schedule and information.

Story Overview:

The Guardians marched across Telara on a quest to destroy the Defiant leaders. Conquering every territory on the way, the Guardians found themselves at the gates of Meridian ready for battle. War erupted blanketing the Defiant capital in blood. Hundreds fell in the battle, only to be brought back to fall again. Hours past and the soil became tainted by blood.

The Defiant forces fought with all their might sending the Guardians to the grave time and time again. As night fell a scout rushed into Dacia Ultan’s tent and delivered a message. The message that would change the war forever.

The Dragon Cults used Cyril’s blind lust for power to encourage a battle with Asha Catari, who’s revenge thirsty antics made easy prey to the clever ways of the Endless Court. The intent was to keep the Guardians and Defiants killing each other long enough for the Endless Court and the other Dragon Cults to establish a foothold and regain the upper hand in Telara.

The now enlightened Guardians and Defiants realize that it is only with the strength of the Guardians and the intellect of the Defiants that Telara shall be reborn. They now join forces for the next chapter of the Telara Saga.


When: September 6th, 2011 – February 7th, 2012 at 6-9PM Server Time

What: The Telara Saga Season 2 – A Public Cooperative Community Event.

Where: Exclusively on Faeblight (PvE-RP)

Who: All Factions, All Levels, All Players on Faeblight

How: Join us at the Stairs of Meridian or Sanctum at 5:45-6:00PM Server time to form groups before the event begins.

About the Telara Saga

The Telara Saga is a large public community driven event in RIFT, exclusively on the Faeblight server. It began the first Tuesday after launch and provided players a common ground to make new friends, learn about RIFT, and participate in large scale warfare. The initial season brought over 500 people to a single battlefield.

The team behind the Telara Saga began leading Public Community Events in Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption in 2000. Then in Dark Age of Camelot they ran large scale Dragon Raids and Relic Raids, immediately following the created the Warhammer Online smash hit “Battle For Badlands”. The event went through 3 seasons and brought to the field more than 1,000 players, 600 of them in the same battle. The Telara Saga team has more than a decade of community event hosting and is looking to make Telara Season 2 the best yet.

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