End of an Era

I’ve been debating with myself about canceling my EVE account since February or March.  At that point I’d not really played since last November or so due to being a bit burned out on it.  I’d moved to null, but the corp asked me to do a lot of PI for them, so I didn’t get to join fleets much and the PI was about an hour commitment each night and cost me money which the corp said they’d reimburse, but never did.  Frankly, it was boring and I was losing money on it and so after about 3 months of it, I just didn’t log in anymore.  Beyond that, being a part of the “Deklein Coalition” meant we were Goon pets and as a result we had to check not only our corporate site, but also our alliance site and the Goon site as well just to find out what all was going on.  Our corp calendar had alliance stuff and sometimes people’d put up the DC stuff too, but trying to find something in my timezone that didn’t want me to form up 2 hours early then fly around to bash POS’s for 5 hours after that was a bit hard to do.

So yeah, I burned out and burned out hard.  I kept the account active thinking that if I just burned my skills up long enough, maybe I’d feel the desire to come back at some point.  But no, that desire never returned.

Even with that, I did have a goal to be able to fly a capital ship before I left the game, so back during the whole shitstorm right after Incarna’s launch I figured it was as good a time as any to pull the plug. . . but I was within 2 weeks of finally realizing that goal of being able to fly a capital, so I did re-sub after all.

Well.. now that training’s complete, I still don’t want to log in, and IRL cashflow issues are making me look for things to cut out of the budget, so… EVE is over for me.  My final skillpoint tally is to the left, as I’m sure you’ve already seen, and no you can’t have my stuff becuz I can’t log back in to try to give it to you anyway.

I actually had planned to contract my remaining assets to my corp and email them to let them know I was out and they could boot me,then move the character back to Jita and sell it to someone who would make better use of it, but I couldn’t be arsed to log in to take the couple of minutes to do even that, that’s how little I cared to log in anymore.  The game got its hooks in me enough to make me feel kinda sad about that, and yet, I can’t say why.  Other than a couple of smaller roams I did shortly after I moved to null, I can’t say that anything I ever did in-game was all that fun.  The game was always just too slow paced for me in PvE, and I’ve never been much of one to PvP.  It just doesn’t give me the rush that other people feel.

And so… thus ends the era of my time in EVE.

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