Rift Character Appearances

A recent post by Stargrace on her blog got me thinking about the appearance of my characters in Rift, and so I’ve decided to share some of them.

The 1st is a level 29 Bahmi Warrior I’ve got on Wolfsbane server.  He’s wearing a full suit of the crafted Copper Plate, dyed yellow and red.  Since then I’ve changed the helmet to the closed-face Iron Helm, but this is an old picture.

The next is a deleted Eth Warrior (also level 29. . . ) that I used to have on Faeblight wearing a full suit of Iron Plate.  Looks more like a cloth bikini to me, but… that’s Rift for you.

Then we come to my level 50 Guardian Cleric on Faeblight.  The main chest piece is a crafted piece called the Hauberk of the Devout, which I’ve dyed using my apothecary’s “Dark Sky Blue” dyes.

Then there’s my level 50 Guardian Warrior.  Most of the armor is the crafted Chromite set, but the breastplate is a quest reward from somewhere in the Droughtlands, IIRC.  It’s all dyed “Dark Seafoam Green.”

This next character is actually my apothecary.  She’s a level 21 Mage, mostly wearing her noobie clothes from right as you start.  I’ve added in the Aelfwar Marauder’s Helm and a Sand-Covered Muffler that my warrior looted off trash in Shimmersand though.  It’s all dyed “Dark Magenta” with Light Magenta trim.

And rounding out my Guardian faction on Faeblight we have the level 21 Rogue.  Until you get up to the highest tier of leather, I actually find that I like the 1st tier “Soft Leather” default look the best, so that’s what she’s wearing and probably will up until I start making the Netherstitched stuff for her at 50…. which is a long way off, as I’m focusing more on the cleric right now.

Switching gears back to the Defiant side, this is actually the 1st character that I got up to level 50, but just as I got her there, some friends tarted playing on Wolfsbane server, so I haven’t really touched this toon since then.  As a result, she actually has no appearance armor — this is what the set she’s wearing actually looks like.  No dyes either.

Taking a trip down Memory Lane — here’s the same cleric back at level 19 in a suit of crafted Copper Chainmail:

Finally, for grins…. here’s a hit I took from a raid on a world boss:

Happy gaming!

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