Rift 1.5 Update 1st Impressions

Almost 900 MB patch file size.  Good thing I’ve got that 12 mbps connection. . . .

Logged in, had mail.  Unsurprising since I had auctions up and expected at least half of them to have been unsold and returned to me, which they were, but I’d also made nearly 70 plat in sales too.  Go me!  Even though I can look at the value of my equipment and realize I’ve probably accumulated and spent nearly 1000 plat on this character overall, it’s never been in a chunk larger than 30 plat and usually right as it came in, so this is as much money as I’ve ever had “in the bank.”  Now… 5th role or mount? /rolleyes

Anyway, I’d really logged in so I could see these new “chronicles” — dungeons designed for duos (or “solo if you’ve got the gear” as the devs put it).  I hit up the 1st one so as to be able to unlock the new Planar Attunements and was teleported to an instance of Sanctum (the Guardian faction capital) set up as a Hollywood event — red (okay blue in this case) carpets and velvet ropes and everything.

So I went in and presented myself to the leaders of the faction, they told me how awesome I was, and a Messenger of the Vigil appeared to “empower me” or something.  The dialog is a bit fuzzy for me.  But that was the gist —  “You are really powerful and did great things so now you’re being rewarded with more power!”

So booyah I got awarded 1,000,000 xp for that — enough to either unlock 2 of the 6 attunement trees, or to unlock a single one and allocate a point into it.  I unlocked the Air tree and put a point into the “Increase spellpower when using a 2H mace” thing, since I use a 2H mace about 99.8% of the time.

And then I had to curse the sudden but inevitable betrayalcrashing of the party by the evil bad guys.  I fought them off then went outside to confront the bad guy leader so as to push back to attack.  Took him down, at which point he respawned and said I was a fool to think I could confront him since he’s an avatar of The Big Bad McGuffin that Rift hangs all of its lore on.  He then summoned some pretty cool looking critter from the Plane of Death.  It was an easy fight, sadly — the thing broadcast every attack it was going to make and helpfully outlined circles and cones and arcs on the ground where he was going to attack so that I could move out of his way, then got tired and just stood there while I beat on him.  And here’s the end result of that fight:

The xp awarded from all the kills in the instance was surprisingly high — I’d gained 10% of an AA level in less than 10 minutes.  Not bad, I thought.

After this was all done, everyone got all happy again and a few quest givers even appeared.  Grabbed their quests, which were simply “go talk to people in Sanctum” ones and left the instance.  And turned in the quest completions.  XP was crap for them, but you’d expect it to be if all you’re doing is running 50 yards to the finisher.

That “chronicle” was designed to be soloed, but there were 2 others in the list that were the duo “(unless you’re leet)” ones.  I hit up the 2nd one, figuring that I can solo elite mobs in the overland areas on quests that say you should have 3 in your group, so I’d try the thing out and if it was too rough I could always leave and beg my guild for help.

Well… it wasn’t too rough — Completed it easily, never in any danger of dying, not even to the named.  Gear rewarded was complete crap, but I got a few Plaques of Achievement, which are never a bad thing, and really good XP — enough that I’m about halfway to the next PA point.  And it was now past my bedtime, so I didn’t do the 2nd chronicle.

Overall, it was “nice” and based on the xp awarded in the 1 dungeon I did, if one does both chronicles daily, then a dungeon run or 2 in a full group, I could see you easily gaining a PA level per night.  Still…. the PA points are so minor and gaining a PA a night would still be about 6 months to get “all of them” so it’d really just be grind grind grind.

Still..I enjoyed myself immensely and am now semi-reconsidering my account cancellation.  I have 5 more days to decide before the time runs out.

A few thoughts on the stat and ability changes for clerics:  I thought I was running around with a touch over 5000 hp before this patch, but now am at about 4700.  I could be misremembering, though, since I don’t think there were any changes made to the END stat for clerics.  INT, though, was bumped to provide a little more mana.  I was running 3800-ish mana before the patch (this I’m sure of) and am now pushing 4300 mana instead.  Mana is completely irrelevant to me unless I’m healing a dungeon, though, and hasn’t been a problem there either so I can’t say I really care about that increase.  Ah well.

As far as abilities go, the only change that really affected me in my “Shamicar” build was that the Lust for Blood ability now procs a flat 40% of the time, rather than on critical hits.  Since my crit rate is 21.6%, this actually represented an increase in its proc’ing for me, and it did seem to be popping up a lot more than before, but it was actually just resetting itself to always be up it seemed — my macros don’t actually use a whole lot of physical attacks.  They’re in there, but toward the bottom, so oftentimes I’m using life attacks from Justicar (for Convictions) or the Shaman’s high-damage air attacks.  Sure, they’re not always up, but it still means that the Massive Blow and Crushing Blow abilities don’t actually gain from the LFB procs before it reprocs anyway.  As a result, the change didn’t really affect me.  Such is life.


I didn’t do any DDO last night, favoring the new Rift stuff instead, but thought I’d drop a random screenshot I took of my Artificer in better light and at a better angle than the one in my prior post:

Happy Gaming!

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  1. It sound pretty cool… but a little to late for me. I can’t see my self resubscribing to rift.

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