More on Rift 1.5 (and a tad more)

While DDO is my “new shiny” right now, any time I do log in to Rift I still have a blast, so I decided to keep my sub going at least until SWTOR comes out and after that. . .we’ll see.  A bonus I got for the latest renewal was that when I logged in last night I got the 12 month veteran reward logged to my acccount, in spite of the game only being out for 7 months.

The vet rewards are really just so much fluff — some XP potions (when I’m at level cap.  Could go to PA’s, but . . meh) and some costume armor.  Up through the 6 month reward the armor is simply given to you, but for the 12 month reward you have to buy the final 3 pieces of the set off your special vet reward vendor.  Not a big deal, it’s not that expensive, but it’s still not feeling very much like a reward to spend 10 plat. . . .

Interestingly, in spite of Rift’s propensity to make the female armor either very low-cut or all the way to “chainmail bikini-dom” the veteran armor is a slightly modified male version of what the faction NPC’s wear.  Which TBH, I am a little annoyed with.  I actually like how the NPC females look.  Ah well.  Some examples:

Defiant Character vs both NPC genders:

Guardian Character vs Female NPC:

Guardian Character vs Male NPC:

Sorry for the dark screenies — it was night in-game and I had to leave for work so I didn’t have time to wait for day.  I did brighten them up as much as I could in a basic editor……

Anyway, I think they still look fine, but I would have loved the female version of the armor too.  Maybe a toggle option?


In DDO, my artificer progression proceeds apace.  I’m now up to level 6, so I have the Flame Turret spell.  My only complaint about it is its slow cast time.  Other than that, it’s one of those “wowzers!” spells.  It looks awesome, and it does a ton of damage to the mobs I’m fighting now.


My foray into Champions Online is proceeding much more slowly.  I deleted the 2 characters I had and remade 1 of them.  I stuck with the Ice Archetype, since I’ve liked that one the most so far and gave my character an outfit that I think looks pretty icy in keeping with that theme.  Apparently it looked good enough that a few other people I ran by in the tutorial commented on it, so . . yay, I suppose.  Sorry, no screenshot though.  I’ve forgotten to do that in that game as of yet.

In order to remove the chat restriction on new accounts I bought some points, so when I got this character to the point where you select your 1st travel power, I chose to keep more in the theme and buy the “Ice Slide” power.  It’s VERY fast, which is nice, but that speed makes it a little hard to control at times, and you have to fly up a little just to maintain altitude.  It’s still a very fun power, even if I think it looks more like the Silver Surfer’s board than a true ice slide.  Limitations of the programming and all of that….

Still and all — now that I’ve got the power builder thing figured out and am able to tell a bit better which mobs are melee and thus a good idea for my to root, the game’s starting to gel a bit for me, so I plan on trying to work this character up to level 20 or so in the next few weeks also.  I’ve got an IRL friend playing and he said he’d happily come group up with me and show me the ropes, so that should help a bunch too.

Happy gaming!

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