Fiesta Online Gets Spooky For Halloween Celebration

From now on through to November 4th, gamigo‘s fantasy MMORPG Fiesta Online is putting on its best costume and inviting everyone to join in on the spooktacular Halloween Celebration. New Halloween elements will be added to the game each week and there are plenty of tricks and treats in store for players. More treats than tricks, but considering the spirit of the time, there is no telling what will pop up next.

Brand new Halloween weapon covers, outfits, accessories and more will be placed into the Cash Shop on October 20th. If that’s not enough to raise the devil, we have created the new quest ”The Ghost And Ghouls“ (released on October 20th) that rewards players with a 20% Magical & Physical Attack/Defense boost as well as a 7 day Halloween Pumpkin Head mask just for going on a supernatural scavenger hunt of sorts. New, monstrous mobs will also be regularly spawning throughout this time period. The biggest and rarest of them all will include a giant zombie that can transform players into zombies themselves. Between these happenings, city decorations, Facebook events and the in-game Halloween parade, Fiesta Online is giving its players one great Halloween time, minus the candy.

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