SWTOR 1st night impressions

I *still* don’t have an email telling me I’m in.

So anyway, yesterday I created 8 toons to reserve names, and I thought I had the race/class combos how I wanted them and wouldn’t need to remake any of them.  Ha!  Ha, I tell you!  HA!!!!

After several rounds of redoing toons, I’m still not fully stabilized.  I’ve got 1 more to re-do for sure, but I think I’m set after that, though you probably shouldn’t quote me on that.  Which is kinda silly due to the fact that the races are purely cosmetic in SWTOR, but. . there you have it.

I decided I wanted a bit more of a story preview than I’d given myself in the beta weekends I was in, and I wanted to give my future alts a little boost, so I started running through the initial quests until such time as they’d take me to a cantina to log out in so I could start accumulating rested xp for them.

Sith Warrior I ran through the quests in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, then did up through “the jailer” quests inside the Sith Academy before logging out.  Total time was about an hour and I made level 5 when doing it.  I’ve seen this story before, so I just blew through it as quickly as I could, while still killing every mob in my path.

Imperial Agent actually starts out in a cantina, but I still wanted to do a little since the rested xp amount you can get seems to be tied to your level, so I ran enough quests to get it to level 4 and logged out in the cantina in the Hutt Palace.  I chose all the Dark Side conversation options, so got into an extra fight, and was just all around evil.  I actually wasn’t impressed with the DS options, though.  The LS options seemed to make more sense for an agent trying to keep a cover going, but. . . I’m not the Bioware story author, so what do I know?

The Jedi Knight has a slight display bug in its opening cutscene that you can see there to the left.  That doesn’t appear in every cutscene, only some of them, but it still was odd enough to pull me out of the story whenever I saw it.  I made it to level 4 on this toon also by the time I’d logged out in the Jedi Temple on Tython after an hour of play time.  I find myself preferring the Knight’s story to the one of the consular that I experienced during my 2nd beta weekend.  but the JK and the JC are very very far down on my list of the order in which I plan to play the alts, so… doesn’t really matter.

The final toon I played last night was the Bounty Hunter.  I was a bit hesitant to do so, since my planned main is its mirror — the Republic Trooper.  I needn’t have worried, though.  I find myself absolutely loving the playstyle and how the abilities work, so I don’t care if it’s a BH or an RT, I’ll love it either way.  Thing about the BH, though — the story of the Great Hunt and the murder and backstabbing going on in it really grabbed me, so even though I also had planned to only play an hour and get to level 4. . . Plus, doing LS options when it seemed to make more sense to be DS also added another layer of interest for me.  I ended up staying up way too late and making level 6 before logging out.  Still and all…. to keep to my plan, I won’t be logging it in tonight, but will be running through the other 3 alts to get them to their respective cantinas at level 4 or so, and then I’ll start my Trooper main in earnest.  Very much looking forward to it.

Some general stuff about the game:

Not all the settings you put on each character transfer over.  For example, I’d set it to show LS/DS options without requiring mouseover on one toon, and then have to set that on the next toon, and the next, and the next. . . .  That got kinda old.  I also am not finding any kind of UI import option, so I’m having to set each toon’s UI as I start it.  I’m not modifying it much, but I’d still rather just import it.

The gameplay feels a bit clunky still.  There’s a delay between any button press in the UI and the actual action.  It’s odd to hit an instant ability, have all the mobs turn and start shooting at you, and THEN have your “instant” ability fire off.  Plus the looting takes a while too.  Part of it is the AE looting combining multiple things into a single window — I can watch it lag as it pulls it all, but even the looting animation can take up to 3 seconds to fire off one just a single mob with loot.

The Agent’s Sniper Shot ability is also a bit weird and often does its full 1.5 second cast time, takes no action, then does a full 1.5 second charge time again, and then fires off.  At 1st I thought it was pushback from being hit, but repeated testing showed that while pushback occurred during the cast it was always a small amount and never reset me to zero.  This was some other bug causing the failure to fire followed by the complete recast.

My tab targeting works like a charm again and it doesn’t have any delay on it like my abilities do, so that’s a good thing.

Very enjoyable time in the game last night.  So fun I forgot to take more screenshots — too busy playing.  The 2nd one I put in the post of the Jedi was originally taken as another example of a cutscene with Caucasian hands, though I cropped that out before adding it, obviously.  I’ll see if I can’t remember to take more tonight.

But anyway, I’m liking it a lot so far and will keep posting about it for a while since Stargrace won’t 😉


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