SWTOR 2nd night

More of the same, really.  I got the other 3 alt toons up to level 4 or 5 and logged out in cantinas.  It was past midnight by this point, so I logged out and went to bed.  Tonight I begin playing my “main” in earnest.  The Sith Inquisitor got to level 5 simply by running through the Tomb of Ajunta Pall and then doing the initial quest in the Sith Academy, just as the Sith Warrior did.  The Jedi Consular got to level 4 on the way to the Jedi Temple, but doing the initial quest there only took me to about 4.5.  Seems like the Dark Side really is the easier path. . . .

I’d never done the Smuggler stuff before, so seeing how BioWare worked a “civilian operator” into the military-themed action on Ord Mantell was interesting.  I liked how they mentioned that the separatists had just hit a walker, since that walker being hit is how the Trooper story begins.  Too bad they couldn’t figure a way in the Trooper story to mention that the Separatists were over-running the hangar and stealing any ship in there that they could find.  Ah well, the meta reference was still fun regardless.

I didn’t really get any “action” screenies last night, but I did at least catch what my toons all look like as of now, so enjoy the “portraits.”

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  1. As Smuggler is my main, I think it’s important to note that it wasn’t “separatists” who were stealing ships, it was a mole (Skavak) who was already established at that particular installation. “They” didn’t steal anything, HE did (and he just so happened to be working for them at the time). They hadn’t overrun the base yet, he let them in through the back door. This is partially explained in the Smuggler intro btw.

    You seem to have taken a liking to the cyborgs though. 🙂 Never even considered a Rattataki Inquisitor though (mine are Zabrak (male) and Human (female) due solely to voiceover and look). I don’t even have a Twi’lek (since they were SO common in beta. Couldn’t run 10 feet without tripping over four in Ord Mantell and Tython).

    With Trooper as your main, you probably don’t have any problems with your first companion. Trooper will be the absolute last class I even bother with because I despise their first companion (yes, I know. Highly irrational, but the story engenders that dislike). The second one is a doll though, I love her. Hopefully by the time I get around to Trooper, I will have found a way to breeze through the first 22 levels in record time to get to her.

    • Corso called me on the comm and said that the Seps were attacking the hangar and I should get back to help asap. I got back and found Corso wounded by Skavak who’d been working with the Seps and had given them access in order to take over the hangar so they could steal the ship and the load of weapons. Just becuz Skavak was the pilot of my stolen ship and the attacking Seps had already cleared out by the time I made it back doesn’t mean that they weren’t there and involved in the theft. I’m not seeing your point of distinction.

      As to the races. . . some of it was determined by the name I chose and my concept for the class/race combo going into it. I like the idea of a Cyborg for the Trooper so he can theoretically plug the cybernetics into his armor. For some reason I just can’t abide the Zabrak’s look in TOR, so I didn’t want that race at all (I did try making a couple, male and female both, but. . . nah. Weird since my 1st character in SWG was a Zabrak and I loved it to death then.) and by the time I got around to making a BH I’d used all the other ones and didn’t want just a “regular” human, so it got Cyborg’d up too, though the implants are largely hidden in her hair. I’d planned to make a Chiss IA since forever. If I could have I’d have made my SW a Rattataki instead, but that wasn’t an option. I tried Zabrak, but the facial tattoos didn’t work for the concept I have behind the name (“Guuk” is my big bald pasty-faced ogre monk in EQ2, so Guuk in SWTOR has to be a dual-wielding, bald pasty-faced guy too) so I ended up going Pureblood since it still seemed pasty-faced enough to me. I’ll admit that I’d rather have a Ratta Warrior and a Pureblood Inquisitor (just to see how the story’d be different without everyone constantly harping on me becuz I’m an alien and not a Pureblood), but it still works out.

      The rest just kind of fell in. I’d liked the blind race (“Mirial-whatever”) as a Consular in the beta, so I stuck with that, but since I plan to be a tank-y Shadow, I decided to go big and burly. And the cybernetic looking mask went well with that idea, I thought. Cyborg was already established for trooper. Decided to go with the other “Mirial-whatever” race for the JK, so my only real option left for Smuggler was the Twi’lek, since I was avoiding Human and Zabrak.

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