Another week of TOR

So in the past week I’ve found that a lot of the “playing in molasses” feeling of TOR is directly related to a bug in the display settings that shows you as playing where you’ve set them, but in actuality has you locked in at the maximum settings possible.  The fix for that is easy — just use the “preset settings” drop-down to change to something different than what it shows, then apply, then change it back, or to where you want it, or whatever.  I also found places where people have tweaked their settings in an ini file and reported great success in increasing framerates and appearances.  I’ve monkeyed a little with that, but not too much.  Seems I need to do so some more though, as my character models show a pretty universally gray skin color anymore, rather than the tones I’ve set for them.    So, there will be that done.  Eventually.  It really doesn’t distract me from playing too much, after all, so I’ve not bothered to exit out, do some tweaks, then restart to see how it went.

In the past week or so, my Sage made it to level 21 and is working her way through Taris now.  And the consular I made with the joking intent of going Shadow and being a “tank in a bikini” (due to the social clothing) has apparently become my main character.  I say “apparently” since I still think of my Trooper as my main, even though the Shadow is not only higher in level (28 vs 26) but has also gone farther into the story, having just completed her story arc on Tatooine (though still having the bonus series to do) while the Trooper’s still working on the Red Light section of Nar Shadaa.

Scary thing about all of this was that the Shadow finished up Coruscant at level 20, got level 21 from the initial run through of the space missions, then went to Taris, but I got bored there since I’d just done those quests on the Sage, so I went to Nar Shadaa “level appropriate” instead of having massively over-leveled it.  It made it so there was a little bit of challenge every so often, instead of always breezing through every quest.  And Nar Shadaa is also where you buy the “slave dancer bikini” social gear, so I was already there to buy it anyway.  But anyway, the “scary thing” was that I hadn’t intended to play this toon much at all, much less let it “take over” so to speak.

And in case you wonder, yes, I do get a lot of funny comments when I join a group as a tank and am running around looking like this screenie to the left here.  But I also have kept my mods up to date and blue as much as possible, so I have the best stats of any tank in my level range that I’ve seen — often having 20-30% higher hp than same-level Jedi Guardians.  So it works out 😉

Overall, I think the Sage is probably the stronger soloer of the 2, since I can control when my tank pet gets healed and how well.  Getting the healer pet on Nar Shadaa was a big help for the Shadow, but sometimes his healing still seems a little lackluster, so while much of the time I feel like I’m wearing an unbreakable forcefield, there are also times then my health drops pretty precipitously, and what should be simple fights vs 4-5 mobs sometimes end up with a death.  No idea why I seem to take a ton more damage at times than others either.  Sometimes a “strong” (silver) mob seems to do more damage to me than an “elite” (gold) mob.  Go figure.

Since I’ve gotten my grapshic settings tweaked around and the game feels a lot more snappy as a result, my only real complaint now is the horrible UI.  Sure, there’s still a bit of the “molasses” feeling, but it’s far less noticeable now.  Hopefully UI customization and/or mods will be available soon.

And finally, to close — when I saw the Hutt and I was there in a dancer outfit, it became a moral imperative to take this screenshot:

Happy Gaming!

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  1. i’v also noticed the disparity in difficulty between mobs. i’ve had 2 “strong” mobs kill my companion within seconds and then dispatch me, yet i am somehow able to kill 2 jedi and defeat a grand marshall with ease. btw, love the tank bikini! can i put one on the ship droid? lol

  2. Could you post (or give an idea of) your build on your Shadow? I had always thought about going that route but I’ve had horrible luck with ‘tanks in tissue armor’ in the past. Evasion based tanking is always a lot better sounding than practical, unless an imbalance exists (see: Monks in EQ1 pre-Luclin; Ice tankers in CoH until Issue 9/Inventions). The Sage is just easy money, so to speak, but I did have the same idea you did. There’s a Republic dancer set available from the Security Key vendor that looks the same (and is available sooner, I think).

    • Shadows aren’t avoidance tanks. Their “Combat Technique” tanking buff that they get at level 14 increases their armor rating by 150% when active, which takes it up to Heavy Armor levels. In fact, my Shadow’s armor rating gives me a higher base rating than on my Guardian which wears heavy armor right now. The only thing that’s considered “avoidance” on a Shadow is that they use the Kinetic Ward ability to boost their shield chance to 35% instead of the other 2 tanks’ 20% base.

      The typical tanking spec for a Shadow is here. I’m currently only level 28, so I’m like this as I work up toward that.

      The suggested leveling path is to get to 30 with pure Kinetic and getting that “Force Pull” ability, then putting the 10 points into the Balance tree, then finishing up Kinetics in the final 10 levels.

      Stat focus is: (Defense/Shield/Absorption)>Willpower>Endurance. Yeah, endurance is the source of your HP bonus, but this game gives you huge HP pools to begin with, so it’s not as important as the straight-up mitigation stats, followed by the Willpower to increase your dps and threat.

      As for the bikini, if you’ve got 28,000 extra credits to spare before level 20 to buy the one from the Key vendor, be my guest. I didn’t on my Shadow. Though since my Shadow and Trooper had accumulated a bit of cash they sent it to my Guardian to buy the Republic Dancer outfit for Kira. They don’t quite look the same though — different color palettes 😉

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