SWTOR Delay Bug Squashed!

So yesterday the weekly patch notes included a line saying something like “mostly got rid of the combat delay bug.”  And in my playing yesterday, it did indeed seem to be the case. Controls were responsive, cast bars didn’t suddenly cancel and restart themselves anymore, queued abilities fired off almost all the time. . . . It was vastly improved.

Now if they would just make it so that mobs don’t instantly respond to your “instant” spells that delay applying their effects.  Yes, I’m looking at YOU, Project!

Finished up Alderaan with my Trooper at level 37 — only 5 levels above where I “should” be.  And now I’m back on Nar Shadaa finishing up the bonus series there that is rated level 31-32, just like the end of Alderaan.  Got my Legacy unlocked, so all my characters have the last name of “Le’fey” which is a carryover from EQ2, where nearly all my characters had the same last name so that people who saw me running around would know it was one of my alts due to them all having the same last name.  Of course, characters with names like “Gotter Dammerung” were fun too, and I do have a “Gotter” in SWTOR as well.  And my Commando’s really supposed to be “Wahren Peese” but yeah, he’s stuck with “Le’fey” now also.  Such is life.

Still and all, I can’t help but wonder what exactly these Legacy Levels I’m getting will actually do once they’re implemented.

In other news, my Consular Sage re-spec’d out of the Seer line for healing and is now rocking a hybrid Telekinetics/Balance dps build.  It can be downright brutal in the damage output at times, and can still spot-heal in a pinch if necessary.  At level 29, the build looks like this so far, and at the eventual level 50, I think this looks like it might be interesting.  I’ve not researched any dps builds anywhere, so I could be up in the night as to its effectiveness, but I think it looks fun, and if not. . . respecs are still fairly cheap for me, so I’ll see what I think later.

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