All TOR, All the Time

No, that’s not me, it’s a friend’s level 50 Marauder.  Looks more like Voltron to me, but hey, that’s MMO armor for you right?

Since my last post, I got my Commando up to level 41.  He’s still working through Quesh.  But I re-rolled to a different server due to a friend starting to play and even though he knew I was on Sanctum of the Exalted, he has a couple of nephews playing on Juyo, so he rolled there in order to be able to play with them from time to time.  Though I’ve never seen him say they were online with us ever, and he’s not mentioned ever playing with them at times when he and I aren’t on either.  Ah well.

Another mutual friend rerolled over to Juyo also as a result, and he’s only played Empire up to this point, so it was actually quite fun to run through all the quests on Tython in a group with them.  Got social points, got to chat. . . it was a lot more fun than soloing it.  When we all started there friend J1 started a Jedi Knight to go Guardian with, and since I don’t like the JK play style I rolled yet another Consular.  Friend J2 also rolled Consular and since he planned to go Shadow, I went Sage.

Out of all of that, J1 decided he doesn’t really like his Guardian, so he’s now got a Gunslinger.  J2 decided he didn’t like the Shadow and now has a Commando.  And I’ve got my Sage to 19, my Vanguard to 23, my Scoundrel to 21, and an SI Assassin to 11.  J1 also has a variety of other alts on both Empire and Republic side as well.  Can’t tell we both play more than J2, can you? 😉

But anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing in SWTOR the past few weeks — redoing what I’ve done before, but enjoying it more since I’m doing it with friends.  BioWare’s been patching it up and making things improve slowly but surely, so overall I’m enjoying this game just as much as ever, even with still being such a lowbie all the time 😉

I do think the starter planets are a bit out of whack, though.  Tython seems to take most people around 9 hours of playing time.  I’ve done it in 7 since I’m so familiar with it anymore, but there’s just so much running around that it takes a while.  Ord Mantell I am done with in about 5 hours whenever I run through it anymore, so it’s already a lot faster than Tython.  2 days ago when I ran the SI through Korriban. . . .I was level 11 and done with the planet in 3 hours and 14 minutes of /played time.  I have no idea how long Hutta takes for BH’s and Agents, but if it’s as small as it looks on the map, I can’t imagine it’d be more than 4-5.  I can’t help but wonder if this is supposed to be BioWare’s way of literally putting the whole philosophy of “Dark Side is faster than Light Side” that we heard Yoda tell us in TESB into the game?

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