Some Thoughts on TOR’s upcoming 1.2 patch

So the SWTOR 1.2 patch is on the Public Test Server, and the Patch Notes released.  I don’t play on the PTS, and don’t plan to, so I’ll have to wait for it to go live before I see what really happens, but based on what I’ve read, here are my thought ons the things from the notes that jumped out at me:

Legacy Stuff:  Cool, but seems self-contradictory.  It’s designed to help you play alts, but the best way to level it up so that you can do things with those alts is to not play alts.  Add in that to get the race unlocks which are probably the biggest “cool thing” right now you need to either have a lot of money lying about on you level 50 toon(s) or you need to level each race up to 50, which would fill all your character slots, and since the Legacy is server-specific, you’d then have to delete a level 50 to make a new one and do it all over again with the race/class combo you really want on that server since you couldn’t “take it with you.”  Doesn’t really seem well thought out.

UI customization and Target-of-target:  About damn time!

Class balancing stuff:  The Smuggler stuff sounds good. The Commando and Sage nerfs to both healing and dps seem to be a bit heavy-handed.  I didn’t see much that looked like it would affect my Vanguard, but my dps Sage is going to lose the ability to have the Telekinetic Wave get boosted by the Power of Mind proc, which kills the purpose of having the hybrid spec, since those procs are so useful and there’s really nothing else to use them on. Sadly, the level 31 top tier talents aren’t being improved, so there’s no real reason to go fully up a tree still, so it looks like 7/7/27 just might be the new way to go for a dps sage rather than the old 0/13/28 or 0/17/24 specs.  Time will tell, though.  Zoeller did say a lot of stuff “under the hood” is being redone and this may change how it all shakes out, so. . . we’ll see.

Crafting changes:  These I’m pretty excited about.  On the “new server” I mentioned in my last post I’ve got my Vanguard as a pure harvester providing materials to the lower level alts so that they can still keep their crafting up to the VG’s level.  It means I’m keeping the Vanguard more “level-appropriate” to the content, so he’s level 38 now and about to head to Hoth (right on schedule) while my also level 38 Sage is just barely starting Balmorra (supposed to be level 32-33 when starting there).  But anyway, the changes here sound like a big improvement, so I’m sure that I’ll enjoy exploring the changes once they go live.


Gameplay update:  As mentioned a little bit above — I’ve got a Vanguard to level 38 and a Jedi Sage to 38 as well.  I also have a Sawbones spec’d Scoundrel at 22, but it’s only used for crafting anymore.  After 1.2 and the Sawbones updates, that may change.  My friends are level 34 Gunslinger and level 30 Commando now, so we’re a little spread out, but we still get together to run some of the flashpoints and help with heroic quests and holocron hunting and such.  We play to have fun, not to challenge ourselves or even to worry about loot or xp or anything.  We’re very laid back about it all.

About a week ago in order to give them both some time to catch up to me in levels, I started up a Sith Inquisitor.  Yes, that’s her to the left.  Since I already have a Sage I went with an Assassin so as to still get the SI story, but the different play style.  Through use of the HTN on Nar Shaddaa I’ve been able to get some credits to her so she could buy the orange social gear and then also transfer over all the mods for it crafted by my cybertech alt.  Haven’t run out and done anything yet combat-wise since getting the upgrades slotted in, but I expect that combat’s suddenly going to feel quite a bit easier, and it wasn’t hard in quest greens, so. . . . should be fun anyway.  Just equipping the new pieces added 25% to my HP totals and another 5% mitigation on the defensive side, plus higher Willpower for more damage done.

Something I’m not really happy about, though, is that when I looked up the companions for the SI, I found that I don’t get a healer companion until Hoth at about level 40, unlike the Jedi Consular that gets theirs on Nar Shaddaa at about level 24.  Just means I’ll have “less safe” gameplay, I suppose.  I really doubt it will matter much, especially after I get a dps companion instead of Khem Val’s tankiness.  I’m spec’d as a tank, so I’ve got Khem in dps stance, such as it is, but I’m looking forward to an actual dps companion instead.  As it is, though… I love the Empire’s armor looks in preview, and I’m finding the story line for the SI to be far more compelling than the Consular, so I think I’ll be playing a bit more on the Empire side now whenever my friends aren’t also online with me.

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