[SWTOR] Still playing. . . .

As you can see on the left there, I finally got my 1st 50 in SWTOR.  It’s my “tankassin.”  This in spite of getting my Vanguard to level 48 about 2 months ago.  The Assassin clicks better with me, though.  I actually went back this weekend to finish the Vanguard up to 50 also, and it just felt. . . off. . . . somehow.  It didn’t take long to pick it back up, but it felt like it did a lot less damage and since I’m running with a healer companion, not a dps one, it felt that much slower on the kills.  Totally safe, just. . .kinda boring.

It doesn’t help that my Vanguard is in a 3-person guild where the other 2 people have now unsubbed either, while the Assassin is in a rather active guild on the Imp side.  How active?  Active enough to run 16-man ops and almost nightly guild events.  Though since most of those tend to be pvp and I just can’t for the life of me get excited about pvp, well. . . . . yeah.

That said, the +10 holocron run was kinda fun.  We had enough sorcerers along that they could go pre-position with the MGGS devices, then yank everyone else to the door in a 2-step yank process.  Went fairly quickly.

I’ve worked a bit on some lower-level toons as well, but what can be said other than that I’m enjoying their stories and looking forward to (eventually) finishing them all?  I’m still enjoying the game immensely, and I’m not even finding the grinding out of the daily missions to be especially onerous either.  That will probably change soon, but for now, I’m still having a ton of fun.

Headless Horseman Bug in Action

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