SWTOR Ends for Me

ImageMy subscription to SWTOR is ending on Friday and I’ve canceled it.  I’ve enjoyed my time playing, but find that the game is so “balanced” for pvp that when you’re a pve player like I am that all the challenge has been sucked out of the game, regardless of what class you’re playing.  The small groups of mobs all die in a few seconds and represent no threat to you at all, regardless of your class.  The silver mobs all hit pretty hard, but still fold quickly.  The gold mobs will take you down to about 50% health if melee and your companion to about 50% health if ranged.  The only real challenge seems to be in trying to do Heroic missions while solo.  It got old after a while, and while I liked the various stories being told, there really weren’t all THAT many class quests, so all the side quest repetition got old as well.

So.. overall, I enjoyed my time in the game, but the very “balance” that so many gamers claim to seek is what made it stultifying for me.  And even though I have capped level toons, as is my wont, they hit cap and then didn’t get played again.  I’m just not into daily quest grinds and gear grinds, so once a toon hits cap, it tends to fall by the wayside, but then since the “balance” was so perfect, the game didn’t really feel different from class to class, so only the “4th pillar” could keep it interesting, but that story was sprinkled far too lightly between all the planet/side quests.

Now, I’m moving on to TSW.

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