[TSW] Another Month with The Secret World

Shadowy Forest is Shadowy

Psychedelic, man!

A couple of weeks ago my new computer broke, so I had to get a new hard drive for it, and I made the mistake of telling the computer store “There’s nothing on it that I can’t re-download.”  Even in spite of that, I’ve been able to get some pretty decent play time in, so after another month with TSW, I’m more or less “done” so far as the questing and stories go.  There is 1 quest in the latest “Cat God” updateissue that was bugged when I tried to do it over the weekend, but other than that, I’ve got them all.  Well… I may have missed a side quest here and there, but certainly not many.  So I’m running “Elite” dungeons now in order to gear up for “Nightmare” dungeons.  The dungeons are quite inventive with a lot of their boss mechanics, so I’m quite enjoying them.

I’m completely capped out on Skill Points, but still have nearly half of the skill wheel to do, and if my math is right that “half” of the skill wheel will actually be about 3x as many Ability Points as I currently have, so I’ve got plenty of space to grow still, even if I do have all of my “decks” that I currently care to play built out right now.

I’ve got a couple of friends playing, so we get together and putter around.  1 just started, so he’s still in Kingsmouth area.  I’m planning on grabbing a QL2 or 3 kit of gear before our next outing so that I’m not so OP for the zone in my QL10 gear — that should make it a bit more fun, I think.

Happy Gaming!

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