[TSW] The 1st TSW Halloween

So TSW’s Halloween event (well… they’re calling it Samhain, which is NOT pronounced “sam-hane”) began a week or so ago now.  I was actually sick at home that day so I was in “on day one” (as if that matters).  I hadn’t really seen anything about it on the forums, but people were talking about it being about to start when I logged in that morning, then I had some time out of game and when I came back, hold on tight and head for Kingsmouth!
So yeah, I headed there and talked to Madame Roget the fortune teller.  She started a 3-quest chain with the 1st 2 being investigation missions.   Some cabalmates were on Mumble while working through the 1st one, so I was able to pick their brains about what they’d already done, etc.  Overall, the clues were pretty good, the story was quite good, especially how it sent you all over to find the right mystical ingredients and so forth.  I quite enjoyed it.

I also found Incognito the avatar and killed him for his hat (and the associated achievement) and got another hat from a goodie bag dropped by a mob I killed in the Blue Mountain zone.  So I’m “done” with the event in that I’ve done the missions, found the lore, and gotten all the achievements.  But I have also run friends through, helped cabalmates, helped random strangers, announced Incognito’s location when I’ve seen him spawned, etc.  It’s fun to run through and help people, after all.

The event update added a few new clothing items to the Pangaea store in London as well as a couple of hats (princess tiara and a pirate hat), plus 3 new costumes in the cash shop.  And of course 2 of the costumes had to go with the whole “pirates and ninjas theme that’s cropped up in the past few years.  See for yourself:

The ninja outfit on the left I actually shelled out the 1200 Funcom points for, as I really like how it looks in the game and I tend to wear it while doing the sabotage/stealth missions anymore.  The pirate outfit on the right is simply the previewer.  I like the look, but not enough to shell out another $10 for 1200 more FC points.

Headstand on Hatchet Falls

Believe it or not, you get an achievement for this

I’ve run a few nightmare dungeons, both in cabal groups as well as “beginner” pugs.  My cabalmates convinced me to install ACT so I can gauge how I’m doing as a dps player.  It’s kinda interesting to see how the damage goes when you have the 5 builder hits, then 2 consumers and the 5 builders so about 30% of the damage, the 1st consumer does another 30%, and the final consumer does about 28%, and then your various procs and such do the final 12% of the damage.  Since you start the fight with your builder, it makes the dps graph slowly increase over time as the large consumers do about 2/3 of your dps in a mere 2 seconds, while the remaining 3rd is done by your builder over the other 5 seconds in the cycle, so as you get more and more consumers in, the dps numbers slowly climb until a leveling out point.  Which more-or-less solves the perennial MMO problem of the tank running in and the dps stealing aggro from the big hits they dropped right at the start.  TSW makes you start with your builders and then ramp up the dps by default.  Good show, Funcom!

It’s also interesting to see how the dungeon progression goes.  When you’re leveling up the dungeons are “how they are” and then when you start working on the “elite” dungeons they’re really the same, just a QL10 version of the dungeon.  But then in the Nightmare mode the mobs get new abilities, you have different ground effects to watch out for, more movement, different patterns of adds, etc.  It’s really a whole new ball game once you hit Nightmare.  Definitely enough to keep me very interested for a while yet.

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