Star Rifting Across the Universe. . . .

A slight TSW update first:

Ran a few more nightmare dungeons, got a few more skill points.  Finished off the Outer Ring of Assault Rifle, so theoretically could put together a rifle healing spec, though I still need to work on Blood a bit to get a few more passives.  So still alive and kicking.  But all in all it’s a fairly small game, so it’s semi-hard to have much to talk about in it.  Unless you want quest spoilers 😛  My cabal does do the new raid, but I’ve not logged in at the right time yet.  I’ll get there eventually.


Defiant Cleric Before and After

Defiant Cleric Before and After

Back in the day, I took a screenie of my Defiant Cleric that was level 50.  This was on a 4 year old laptop with an HDMI cable going out to an external monitor so I still played in 1920 x 1080, but I had the graphics set down quite low in order to be able to get 15-20 fps.  A bit choppy, but playable, I thought.

Since then, I’ve upgraded my computer.  I use the same resolution, but now I play on the “Ultra” graphics setting and still usually have 40+ fps.  I took a screenie of the same character (you’ll notice that the 2H mace she’s carrying is the same, though I swapped to some appearance armor).   Quite a difference, no?  I had no idea I’d made the complexion so dark.  I think it looks really nice, so I’m not planning on changing anything.

Defiant Cleric New Gear

Defiant Cleric New Gear

I took this character into the new areas and got her decked out in the quested gear set, plus bought her a crafted staff to replace the old 2H hammer that was rather good back in its day, but now is pretty much laughably bad (though still good enough to be useful in the new areas until I got something better).  And that’s the result to the left.  Funny thing is I didn’t think it looked bad before, but now in comparison . . .  yikes!

I’ve also found that my Guardian Cleric has a facial tattoo.  I had no idea.  On the old graphics she didn’t have anything on her face at all, on purpose.  Time to find a barber. . . .

I’ve been spreading myself around a bit on my characters, trying to find what works for me and what doesn’t, which playstyle I find myself liking, etc etc.  As a result, my Guardian Cleric is 51, my Rogue is 51, my Warrior is . . . .wait for it. . . . 51.  And my mage I got to 52 last night.  I wanted to play through the City Core zone and happened to be on the mage when I made the decision, so it got the XP and the “extra” level.

Rogue Before and After

Rogue Before and After

I am starting to see what I’ve seen other bloggers mention in that leveling speed is pretty slow and you can easily get in over your head with mobs that are too high for you to reasonably fight.  The mage was about 51.1 when I went into the City Core and was fighting mobs that were level 52-53.  Not bad, really, as yellows are still easy to hit and you do full damage to them.  But I finished the City Core (did every Carnage quest — got the achievement for doing them and then did 2 more. . . .), did an Onslaught, did a zone event. . . the only thing I didn’t do for XP was join any Instant Adventures there, and I finished the zone at 51.96.  I got into the Eastern Holdings and the mobs start at 53 there, but go to 56 in a hurry.  Well….. 56 was still red to me, and 54 and 55 were orange.  Doable, but you take a 25% penalty to damage done vs orange mobs, so the fights took a long time.  Fortunately a zone even started right as I got there so I was able to join up and get enough xp to hit 52 during that, so the 56’s turned orange, at least.  But I think I’m going to need to take the mage over to Pelladane and try to get another level or 2 there also.

Mage in the City Core

Mage in the City Core

Part of the issue is that I took the mage to SL at level 48, so the XP that I used to get to 50 while there was about 1/3 of a level at SL rates, so had I gone there at 50, I would have eaily been 52 before Eastern Holdings.  But that doesn’t change the fact that Eastern Holdings seems to want you to be level 54 before you start playing there.

Something I think is interesting is that once I got into SL gear, I’ve stopped seeing the “Vengeful Shock” ability proc’ing.  SL gear includes quite a bit of the Hit stat and Vengeful Shock requires a miss from me to proc it, and apparently with all the Hit on my gear I’m not missing anymore, not even vs orange-con mobs.  We’ll see if that holds true as I get higher in level.

As it is, I’m actually liking my rogue the best right now.  It’s the 2nd least squishy of the characters (cleric is least squishy of all), and does the most damage by far, so it’s got the fastest kill speed.  I don’t mind getting in a fight with a random mob on the rogue, where on the other characters, combat is slow enough that I actively avoid fighting if I don’t have a quest for a mob.  The rogue usually kills a solo mob in 8-10 seconds.  The cleric and mage usually take about 16 seconds, and the warrior usually takes about 20 seconds (I’m told they’re getting a buff and that the changes are on the test server right now).  Unless it’s AE, in which case the warrior takes out the whole group in about that same 20 seconds and the other 3 toons slow down a lot.  Too bad the mobs are usually so spread out that it’s hard to get AE fights going for the warrior.  😦

But anyway….. Rift has a ton of new content, so it’s mostly pulled me away from TSW right now.  I’m still doing TSW a time or 3 a week, so it’s there, but Rift is my focus again.  Fun how games come in and out of one’s consciousness, isn’t it?

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