End of 2012

Jonnara Level 60So as you can see, I made it to the cap in Rift with my cleric.  The screenie isn’t dated, but it was in the wee hours of the morning today.  I was in the zone of Morban fulfilling my “completionist” tendencies (ie I finished the story, but still needed 11 more carnage and 11 more regular quests for the zone quest achievements, so I was searching them out) and had gotten to around 59.75, but it was midnight and I was getting tired, so I was about to teleport home and call it a night when a zone event popped.  Since most zone events only take 15-30 minutes, I figured I could stay on for that at least.

This event was interesting in that it required 12 flame crystals to be destroyed as well as 3 flame harbingers, followed by the big boss at the end.  Each crystal was surrounded by 3 mini-bosses and their minions.  Each crystal was also shielded and you had to kill all 3 mini-bosses and their minions to drop the shield, which then gave you about a 15 second window to work on the crystal before 3 portals opened and 3 new mini-bosses (with minions, of course) appeared and reestablished the crystal’s shield.  The initial raid group of 7 took a while to work on them, but as people trickled in and the dps increased we got to the point where 2 tanks would go grab the 2 bosses on the far side and drag them to the 3rd boss then we’d all AE the whole kit-n-kaboodle down and it’d only take 2 cycles of that per crystal.

Tank pet putting out about 10K dps in AE looks like this

The Druid tank pet putting out about 10K dps in AE looks like this.

After killing the crystals then there was the harbinger in the middle.  He had … um…. many of those mini-bosses around him supplying him with a shield.  At least 8, possibly 12.  I never really counted.  But anyway, burn them then work on the main boss himself.  He’d continually summon minions, but no additional mini-bosses so at least his shield never went back up.  I didn’t pay attention to my xp bar after the 1st part was done, but after we’d finished the 2nd harbinger off, I noticed I was at 59.90, so I was getting about 7.5% of a level at each section.  Amazingly fast, all things considered.  We did the 3rd and I was then at 59.97 and it was time to go kill the big bad of the event.  I didn’t think I’d get another 3% for his death, so once he was downed (and he was annoying let me tell you, all the knockbacks and pull ins and very melee unfriendly, so me not being able to swap to my ranged dps role sucked. .  ) and all the “You beat the event!” message were popping up all over the place I started to think where I could go get a quick 1-2% of a level, when I noticed that my guildies were all congratulating me and that Guild Chat said I’d just gotten level 60.  Kinda sad that I hit 60 and didn’t even notice, don’t you think?  I managed to hit the print screen button while the achievement popup was on-screen, at least.

Actually met Crucia's Human Avatar in the game.  Kewl!

I actually met Crucia’s human avatar in the game. Kewl!

On my alts, I’ve switched my build for my warrior to one that’s focused a lot more on the Champion class.  The build mentioned in the prior post works, but the animations feel a bit laggy or something, so it always feels just a little off or behind.  The new build honestly doesn’t kill things any faster, taking 17 seconds per fight pretty much every time (the old build was also 17-20 most of the time) but the animations feel spot on, so it feels like it plays better.

Due to crafting dailies, I also got my mage and my rogue to 53 now, in spite of not really having played them except for the crafting. Weaponsmith 375, Armorsmith 350, Artificer 315, Outfitter 375, Apothecary 375 and poor old Runecrafting still at 300, in case you wonder.  But anyway, at 53 that Harbinger/Necromancer/Chloromancer build mentioned in the prior post really did take off.  You wouldn’t think that a single level would make so much difference, but… there it is.  I also grabbed the cookie cutter Ranger 36 /Marksman 40 dps build for my rogue, but since she’s only 53 yet it’s currently 36/33.  It still does insane damage and does single target kills in about 7 seconds, on average, so combat feels really fast and I tend to not avoid mobs since it doesn’t feel like combat’s really slowing me down.  My tank pet from the ranger can’t hold aggro after a few shots, but it still works as a speed bump for the mobs before they get to me, at least.  I’m happy with it – even happier than with my Nightblade build from the prior post.  Now that I’ve completed my “drive to 60” I thnk I’ll be playing Rift a bit less and TSW a bit more.

And speaking of TSW, I’ve been in there a bit, but not much since Storm Legion came out.  Issue 5 recently came out and I’ve done some of the new mission line, but not yet completed it.  I did the quest to get the Quantum Brace auxiliary weapon, though, and since it’s ranged it’s good for pulling on my melee solo build, but isn’t so oppressively huge on my back all the time I’ve taken to wearing and using it now.  Plus I do heal on occasion and it’s got a nice little healing bonus I’ll be able to use once I’ve invested the AP’s in it.

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Funcom’s added some new outfits to the cash shop and since I’m still subbed I got 1200 points to use, so I was previewing the new things, but I was getting a lot of clipping from other clothing underneath while in the preview mode.  Due to that, I tried changing what I was wearing underneath the preview to see if that would make the clipping stop, but instead got the display bug of a nude character with a brown bikini bottom and smiley-face pasties.  I thought I’d taken a screenshot of it to share, but realized after the fact that I’d hit Prt Scrn, not F11.  Oh well.  No pixel pr0n beyond Crucia’s avatar for you today 😛

Happy gaming and Happy New Year!

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  1. I’m a slacker, lol. But a delayed Gratz! Been meaning to comment on a lot of blogs lately, hehe. Awesome shots too!

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