This wasn’t supposed to be a monthly update!

Love how this place looks!

Love how this place looks!

So I’ve intended to do a couple of posts before now, but kept forgetting or wasn’t able to make time when I thought about it.  Such is life.

True to my form, once I capped my Guardian Cleric at 60, I shelved it.  I’ve taken it out exactly 1 time since hitting 60 into the Ashora zone far enough to unlock the Qajiri daily quests, but I’ve not actually done any of those quests yet.  And for something completely different:  That’s how far my 58 warrior is in Ashora too.  Okay, so it’s not completely different, but it’s a different toon, at least.

On my 1st leveling experience with the cleric, I found that I really didn’t care for the “death-themed” Dusken continent, so I’ve taken a slightly different path with my warrior.  With the cleric I’d swap back and forth across the continents as the quests turned orange or yellow, so I was always fighting mobs that were even-level or lower.  As a result, my leveling path was:  Cape Jule, Kingdom of Pelladane, City Core, Seratos, Eastern Holdings, Ardent Domain, Morban, and I reached 60 in Morban.

About to head in for the final story missions of Kingward

About to head in for the final story missions of Kingward

The warrior did Kingdom of Pelladane 1st, then Cape Jule and the City Core before moving on to the Eastern Holdings.  I went into EH at 54, and the mobs are 53-55 there for the most part, so it was there that I began to be even level to the mobs I was fighting.  I was in the 2nd half of 55 when I finished the zone and moved on to Ardent Domain, so there I started to be a level below the mobs I was fighting.  Ardent Domain is fairly small, so while I got to 56 in there, I was completely done (as in I used the Carnage Book and Quest Finder add-ons and they both reported I’d “done it all”) with the zone before reaching 57.  I headed into Kingsward and there’s enough in there that’s level 58 that I was able to do that portion of the zone, get to 57, then do the 2nd half of the zone vs the level 59 mobs.  This got me to 57.55, and the quest finder add-ons said I had 4 carnage quests for rare mobs left, but that was it.  I didn’t feel like searching them out, so I headed into Ashora to see if I could get to 58 off careful carnage quest killing.

At level 57 I could handle a level 60 mob (even 2 with difficulty), but I’d finish each fight at about 60% health, leading to a lot of downtime.  Not fun.  Someone spammed out that they needed person #20 for a Great Hunt raid, and I’d heard that those were great XP, so I said I was available.  I swapped to a Tempest ranged build for it, but found pretty quickly that at level 57 going after red level 62 mobs means I took a severe damage penalty on them.  I was getting about 10K dps in AE was all, and once we got the AE trash packs down I’d drop to about 1000 dps on the final boss was all, and that was with seeing a lot of “dodge, dodge, missed, resisted” so I probably wasn’t even doing that much and it was just a remnant in the parser of the prior damage done earlier in the fight.

The leader of the raid was your typical PUG elitist and was berating everyone for “not contributing” and “random mob tagging” and threatening to kick people out of the raid for not helping in spite of the fact that we were successfully completing the hunts.  After the 2nd one was done most of the people had had enough and simply disbanded out of the raid and left.  I was one of them. I was trying, but was simply too low a level to contribute meaningfully so I figured he’d probably boot me out if I didn’t leave myself anyway.  But I got about 17% of a level in those 2 GHunts, so it definitely was excellent XP.

Still and all, I decided to break down and head over to Dusken and into Seratos.  I figured I’d just blow through the zone’s story missions and get some notoriety with the Caretakers, but since I was +4 levels to the zone, I was able to do mass pulls of mobs and finish off Carnage quests very rapidly.  As a result, I had the final 28% of a level I needed to hit 58 in about an hour and a half between blasting the missions plus all the carnages.

Fun graphics bug on my Defiant Cleric.

Fun graphics bug on my Defiant Cleric.

Since at 58 the level 60 mobs in Ashora turned yellow and no longer give me a damage penalty vs them, nor gain a damage bonus vs me when I fight them anymore… back to Ashora.  The warrior is actually a very good soloer, and I can take on 4 of the level 60 mobs if I have to without *too* much trouble, though I’ll admit to preferring to only fight 1-2 at a time.  I’m using the “Updated Perfect Solo” spec for my solo work.  And yes, the “pkudude” author of that guide is me. 😛  With the changes coming in the next 2.2 patch I’ll have to go in and edit the guide, but it’s current for now, at least.

Now to push on to 60, then I’ll probably start working on my mage.  I’m just not much of a level-capped endgame gear grind person.  I don’t suffer altoholism, I enjoy every minute of it!

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