Quoth the Raven “Nevermore!” — or Neverwinter. Whatever.

Sword and BoardNeverwinter’s been sucking up all my gaming oxygen since my last post.  I’ve managed a bit more playtime than I probably should (Sleep? Who needs it?), plus I was sick for a couple of days, so I had them off of work which ended up being a lot more playtime as well.  1st off — I gotta say that I enjoy the Gateway as a method of being able to do crafting while not actively logged into the game.  Since it’s time-based, it’s very useful to be able to simply hit up the gateway every 4-ish hours and set the next round of tasks.  It takes just a few seconds, so it’s quite convenient.

Clarisse Cloak TowerI’ve ended up dropping the $5 for 500 zen to get 2 more character slots, so I now also have a Trickster Rogue and a Guardian Fighter.  I tried a Great Weapon Fighter 1st, but went with a dwarf for the race and I just couldn’t take the running animation and how completely over-sized the sword looked, so I deleted it at level 2 and swapped to a Human GF instead.  The 1st few levels I didn’t care much for, but after reaching level 10 and learning how to more effectively use my shield…. every queue I’ve joined has been instant, so far.  Interestingly enough, though, this game doesn’t really require a tank in the levels I’ve seen so far.  And unless fighting a boss mob, or actually managing to grab 4+ mobs in a dungeon trash group, a GF really doesn’t take much in the way of damage.  The shield is that effective.  Combat’s not terribly exciting, as you’re mostly just standing there with your shield up and either stabbing over the top of it (fighting multiple mobs), or using the shield itself as a weapon (to recover stamina), with occasional cooldowns thrown in as needed.  It also means that when soloing I’m thinking I want to get myself a dps companion instead of the cleric.  I barely take any damage anyway, so the cleric doesn’t really need to heal me, so something to add a bit more punch sounds better, methinks.  I’ll get on that the next time I get to play.

Briarra and Cleric CompanionI also tried out a Trickster Rogue and am quite enjoying it as well.  I’ve got it to level 25 now.  It’s pure dps, so it’s very fun to make mobs simply melt.  Add in the stun and movement powers, plus your dodging capabilities and even Elite mobs really are no trouble at all to solo.  I also took a cleric companion on this character, and since I do tend to play a bit recklessly with this toon, it gets more use as a healer than on my tank.  Of course, the other day I was doing a skirmish and I ended up being the tank since the GF in the group wasn’t ever using his taunts or his “stab over the top of the shield” strike that acts as a taunt on each hit.  So since my damage dealt was more than the next 2 people combined… yeah, I had aggro the whole time.  Fortunately we had a good healer, plus my cleric companion, plus I was able to dodge a lot of the damage that should have hit me as well, so it worked out.

Darlana Portrait 01My Devoted Cleric is now level 26, but I haven’t really played it since about level 18 or so.  I got to level 25 from 18 by using some of the Foundry’s “grinder exploit” maps a few times, but they were really boring, so I stopped doing it.. and then the dev’s capped the XP you can get from a Foundry mission, so there’s no point to trying to play like that anymore anyway.  But I also find myself very much preferring the CW and TR playstyle, so I’ve really only been logging to it for brief seconds to do the daily invocation for Celestial Coins.  Still, between that and the crafting on the gateway, I’ve gotten enough xp to hit level 26. . . .  For this character I took the wizard “controller” companion, as it does a bit more dps than anything, and while solo I can generally either heal myself, knock enemies back, or dodge out of the way well enough.  Even elite mobs really aren’t any trouble.

Elynna PortraitThe Control Wizard is 34 now.  I played it into the mid-20’s and did “the Foundry thing” up to about 30, then played “legit” again until 33, and since I’ve been focused on the TR and the GF lately, it’s leveled to 34 on crafting and invocation as well.  This one’s still my favorite to play, so I’ll be focusing on this toon going forward now that I’ve gotten the GF to 20 and thus used the last of the 3 human bonus feats and can get a mount for it if I want.  This toon has the “man at arms” tank pet to help keeps mobs off me when there are swarms.  I can handle 1-2 mobs myself no problem, but 3-4 little ones can be a bit of trouble as of yet.  I’m told that past 35 I get a lot more AE capability and so it won’t be as much of an issue.  Almost there. . . .

I’m a bit surprised at how much I’m enjoying NW.  I didn’t care for the “action combat” in DDO or Tera so much, but here…. it may be the lack of resource management needed.  That’s my biggest complaint with any spell-caster in DDO — it’s either massive use of consumables or run out of spell points in a hurry, no matter what class you are, and that got old in a hurry to me.  and Tera I just plain didn’t enjoy.  But here in Neverwinter…. it “does it” for me.

Happy Gaming!

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  1. When my old guild broadcasted an invitation to join them in Neverwinter, I was a bit skeptical but now I’m hooked. Although, I might sing a different too once I hit max level.

    • I should be hooked on Neverwinter, it has a lot going for it – but I’m suddenly spending a lot of time back in SWTOR, but I am also doing some Neverwinter duo (I play a DC).

      The combat is better than in Tera, I enjoyed Tera’s combat but there is literally nothing else to that game, it is that shallow. Neverwinter’s combat is fun but there’s a lot more story and world detail to help with immersion. The dungeons are a bit more interactive / complex in NWO as well.

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